12 Best Minecraft Creative Building Challenges

Unleash your creativity and get building in the game.

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While there are many games that allow people to get as creative as can be, nothing beats Minecraft—the popular sandbox game from Mojang. It lets players create whatever they can possibly imagine, without any pressure at all except what they put on themselves.

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That said, here are some of the best creative building challenges you can do in Minecraft. Remember that you’re free to choose whatever you want to build, how you want to build it, and what your pace will be.


When you start playing Minecraft, you’ll find nothing but bare landscapes depending on the biome you choose. You may come across some villages, but you will never encounter any city. Why not build your own, then?

Minecraft lets you create vast cities filled with all the features and attractions you like. What’s more, you can get some friends to build with you and sing “we built this city.” That would be fun.


If you’re not interested in building cities, then you can build something that won’t take up that much space—perhaps a castle! Not everyone gets the chance to visit and explore castles in real life, much less live in and own one.

Minecraft, however, lets you build your own castle and own it. You can build a simple castle or one that looks like a fortress complete with a moat surrounding it. You can even create one that looks like Dracula’s castle from Castlevania. How many towers should it have? One? Two? Twenty towers? It’s all up to you.

Famous Landmarks

Minecraft lets the adventurer in all of us keep a little souvenir of our travels—in the form of famous landmarks we can build in the game. Want to climb the Eiffel Tower? How about the Leaning Tower of Pisa? What about something close to home, like the Statue of Liberty? The blocky world of Minecraft is your metaphorical oyster to construct any major landmark your heart desires.

Challenge yourself to build exact Minecraft replicas of these landmarks. Include the places where they are built, like the Champ de Mars or Upper New York Bay. The closer they look to the real thing, the better.

Pixel Art

Minecraft players have built pixel art of many popular characters for a long time now. Challenge yourself to create beautiful pixel art inspired by the sprites of famous characters like Pokémon’s Pikachu, Metroid’s Samus Aran, and more.

Creating pixel art will take some practice as you will need to keep looking at your masterpiece from a distance in order to see how it actually looks. However, the effort will pay off when you create a good one.

Roller Coaster

Minecraft lets you create your own roller coasters in the game using minecart tracks. While you won’t be able to create loops for more exciting rides, you are free to create the biggest roller coaster ride you can in the game.

Minecraft allows you to dig tunnels through mountains so your roller coaster can go underground, and even pass through waterfalls. You can also build high enough so that you can reach the clouds as you ride. It’s all up to you.


Treehouses are some of the best things to build in Minecraft. You can grow trees and build on them using wood and other items. You can also attach vines, stairs, and other things so you have a way to go up and down your treehouse.

If the idea of a regular treehouse sounds boring, try making a house out of a huge tree. Enter Creative mode and create the biggest tree you can make using wood and leaf blocks. Make sure to leave some space inside the tree as this will serve as your treehouse.

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Japanese Pagoda

If you like Japan, you might be interested in building something from there—like a Japanese Pagoda. Using a variety of wooden blocks, you can recreate this unique five stories-tall structure and marvel at its beauty.

What’s more, you can plant sakura trees to complete the experience. The trees’ distinct look will bring out the beauty of the Pagoda you’ve created in your Minecraft world.

Cube House

If modern design is more your type, you can start by building a cube house for yourself. Just create three or more large cubes that are elevated from the ground to start. These cubes, which will serve as your living quarters, should be connected to one another so you can access what you need easily.

What’s great about this design is that it’s easy to add more rooms. They are also easy to replicate anywhere you are in the game world, meaning you can build as many similar structures in different areas.

Waterfall House

Nothing beats hearing the sound of falling water when it comes to calming ourselves. If you like hearing that sound while relaxing at home, why not build a house with a waterfall attached to it?

Using a variety of blocks, you can create a home that has water continually falling from the roof to the ground. You can even add a garden to make it look like the waterfall causes the plants to grow.

Underground Base

If you fancy staying somewhere cool and secure, you can dig into the ground and create your own underground base in Minecraft. These are easier to build than some structures, as you won’t need to do everything from scratch. You simply need to dig and dig, add some decorations, and voila—you have a new home.

You can use a shovel to dig, but if you want a sneaky and rather fun shortcut, you can use explosives instead. What’s best about underground bases is that you can conceal the entrance so that enemies and other players won’t find it.

Sky Base

If living underground doesn’t suit you, then how about living somewhere high in the sky? Create a super-tall tower, build a huge platform on top of it, then build a house or whatever kind of dwelling you prefer.

The good thing about living in a sky base is that it will keep you safe from creepers and other baddies in the game better than mere ground dwellings. Plus, you get a pretty view of the blocky world around you!

Unique Nether Portals

Nether portals take you to the Nether, but they don’t have to look so bland. You can create a portal that will get you excited to hunt mobs in the Nether by creating elaborate designs.

For example, you can create one that looks like a huge sword stuck into the ground. Or one that looks like a huge Creeper head, with the portal serving as its mouth. You can even place your house beside the portal to make it look like part of your quarters.

There are so many things to build inside Minecraft. But if you’re just starting out, these are good ideas for you to try. The only limit here is your imagination, so go ahead and be as creative as you like.

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