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10 Best Games Like Sneaky Sasquatch

Games that will give you some more light-hearted fun!

Sneaky Sasquatch’s quirky blend of open-world exploration, lighthearted mischief, and quirky objectives has captured the hearts of many gamers. But what if you’ve exhausted the mysteries of Sasquatch Valley and yearn for more unconventional adventures? Fear not, fellow gamers, for this list offers best games like Sneaky Sasquatch.

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Best Games Like Sneaky Sasquatch

Everybody Wham Wham

In Everybody Wham Wham, you accompany a snowman to a beautiful winter environment, gathering things and competing with friends to build the best winter wonderland. It’s a pleasant turn of events, adding a co-op dimension and a creative emphasis.

Everybody Wham Wham cover art snowman frog
image via Bonte Avond

Lost in Red Valley

Become a real-life Indiana Jones in Lost in Red Valley. Discover a mysterious Japanese landscape, discover hidden artefacts, and resolve the secrets of a forgotten conflict. The crafting adds a layer of depth, while the choice of solo or co-op gameplay allows you to decide on your adventure style.

Lost in Red Valley character walking between red trees looking up at sky grass below
image via Steam via Alex Tyagniryadko


Embrace the unexpected in Fireside. This fantastical land is overflowing with multi-coloured creatures and secret treasures. Explore the isometric world, solve problems, and create bonds with the various characters. 

fireside promo art campfire and animation style houses
image via Emergo Entertainment

Wayward Strand

Climb into the shoes of Casey Beaumaris, a temporary doctor, and explore Wayward Strand. This story is told through bits of overheard conversations and short fleeting moments. Each playthrough gives birth to a new perspective of the story, therefore players are encouraged to look for details and explore. 

wayward strand hospital counter with nurse standing and visitor's back
image via ghost pattern

Township Farm & City Building

Cultivate your inner tycoon! Begin with a small-scale plot and turn it into a vibrant city. A township gives you the same cycle of planting, harvesting, and building, but the joy of seeing your city thrive is an added bonus.

township farm and city building game like sneak sasquatch
image via Playrix

SuperCity Building Game

Design a city from the ground up, constructing houses, businesses, and landmarks. Manage resources, attract residents, and witness your city become a sprawling metropolis. SuperCity offers a strategic twist on the open-world exploration of Sneaky Sasquatch.

supercity building game like sneaky sasquatch city and blue river in background with man saying renovate
image via Playkot LTD

Aquapolis Free City Building

Dive deep into an underwater metropolis! Guide Lana as she builds a futuristic underwater city for survivors. Research new technologies, solve puzzles, and uncover the mysteries of the lost civilization. 

games like sneaky sasquatch aquapolis city top down view on blue sea
image via Vast Studios

Virtual City Playground: Building Tycoon

Develop a thriving metropolis by constructing a variety of buildings, from factories to parks. Manage resources, maintain a healthy environment, and keep your citizens happy. Virtual City Playground offers a more management-focused experience compared to Sneaky Sasquatch’s lighthearted objectives.

virtual city playground building tycoon city top down view games like sneaky sasquatch
image via G5 Entertainment

Pocket Build – Ultimate Sandbox Building

Build an epic city or a fantastical castle, the choice is yours. Pocket Build offers limitless possibilities, allowing you to craft a world tailored to your imagination. It’s a sandbox experience that prioritises creative expression over the objective-driven nature of Sneaky Sasquatch.

pocketbuild ultimate sandbox build game top down view with wooden piers on water
image via moonbear

Little Big City 2

Transform a tropical island into a bustling metropolis. Choose your development path – industry, technology, or culture – and watch your city evolve.

little big city 2 top down view sea on left and roads and buildings on right side
image via Gameloft

These are the best games that are just like Sneaky Sasquatch. Whether you crave cooperative snowman decorating, captivating mysteries, or the satisfaction of building a city, there’s an adventure waiting for you. So go on and explore and discover a new favorite game!

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