8 Anime Like Naruto If You’re Looking for Something Similar

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My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia takes place in a world where almost everyone has a special ability called a “quirk.” With these new superpowers becoming the norm, anyone without one of these “quirks” is left feeling like the odd one out. Such was the case for My Hero Academia protagonist Izuku Midoriya.

As fate would have it, however, Izuku eventually ends up with his own quirk with the aid of his personal idol All Might. He then enrolls in a school that caters to gifted students with quirks and begins training to be a true hero as the threat of a dangerous villain organization begins to loom over the horizon.

Even if you haven’t seen this anime before, you’re probably already imagining the similarities this anime has with Naruto. Even as a newbie to the community of quirk-having heroes, Izuku has a level of determination that can only be matched by Naruto. If you find yourself enjoying anime where the main character is constantly screaming “I can do it,” “I will succeed,” “You won’t stop me,” or any other phrase of this nature, then both Naruto and My Hero Academia will be your cup of tea.

Both Naruto and Izuku also have similarities in their backstories as well. Just like Naruto, Izuku has been bullied and looked down upon by society for being different from everyone else. Not to mention the school has a set of trials in My Hero Academia that will easily give you the feel of Chuunin exams.

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is yet another shounen anime that will start to sound like Naruto just from a very general and broad description of what the anime is about. Hunter x Hunter takes place in a world that is filled with hunters who are tasked with various, dangerous responsibilities — many of which typically involves using violence to resolve some sort of issue.

Gon Freecss may be young, but he is already determined to be one of the best fighters there is. Gon has his own motivations and reasons for wanting to be the best of the best, but that doesn’t stop him from joining forces with others along the way in order to successfully take on the Hunter Exam.

Their determination to be the very best despite being young and underestimated gives Naruto and Gon similar foundations as the main characters. It is fair to say, however, that many viewers tend to find Gon’s personality a bit more likable when compared to Naruto.

Another key similarity is that both Naruto and Hunter X Hunter successfully hit a solid balance in the narrative when it comes to showing character relationships develop over time. If you want another anime adventure that is packed with beautifully animated fight scenes, witty comedy, and a diverse cast of complex characters, look no further than Hunter X Hunter.


The Basilisk series focuses on rivaling ninja clans who can’t seem to put an end to the bad blood between them. Even when peace between the clans finally comes, the tension never dissipates. It’s clear that these clans are merely tolerating each other for the sake of their leaders, who have fallen in love.

But as the shaky relationship between clans starts to lead to more tension, the difficult task of picking love or loyalty hangs over the clan leaders’ heads. Eventually, it’s decided that each clan must send 10 of their best ninjas to enter a deadly competition.

Much like Naruto, Basilisk has an entire cast made up of ninjas who specialize in various techniques that make each one’s fighting style unique. Basilisk also shares a similar theme with Naruto — eyes. If you love all the various true mysteries and origins that are represented through the eyes of Naruto, you’ll be happy to know that Basilisk falls right in line with this theme.

In terms of the big differences between the two, Basilisk tends to have a more silly tone overall when compared to Naruto. While both series have their fair share of fights, drama, and laughter, Basilisk sprinkles in more laughter, whereas Naruto puts you knee-deep in your feels with the drama.


This anime introduces us to a young man by the name of Shichika Yasuri. He lives in exile with his sister Nanami but also practices a very unique sword-fighting style called Kyotouryuu. This method requires him to use his own body as a blade.

The series picks up with him receiving an unusual task from a strategist named Togame. She wants Schichika to help her collect twelve special swords called Deviant Blades. Schichika accepts but not because he is interested in the mission. He’s far more interested in the fact that Togame is a beautiful and interesting woman. No matter what the motives are, Shichika’s decision means he and his sister have to become a team that is impossible to defeat if they hope to make it to the end of this adventure alive.

Katanagatari doesn’t look like it would have much in common with Naruto at first glance but the two series actually share quite a few similarities, starting with the presence of ninjas with various fighting styles. Many of the techniques used by characters in Katanagatari will remind you of the techniques used in Naruto. Having these various fighting styles on display among a large cast of opponents helps add that nice dynamic touch to the battles that Naruto so often has.

Then there’s also the presence of lengthy speeches during battles that often have to do with the power of friendship or never giving up. This is, of course, a common theme for most shounen anime, but Katanagatari even keeps the same types of messages, themes, and tone as Naruto during these moments.

Blue Exorcist

This may seem like an off-the-wall recommendation since this isn’t a ninja-packed series, but there are still key qualities that Blue Exorcist shares with Naruto. The main similarity comes in the form of their protagonists.

Rin Okumura is the series protagonist in Blue Exorcist and also the illegitimate son of Satan. While his purpose is to travel to the human world and destroy it, Rin decides he wants to be a protector of humanity instead. This is where he sounds very similar to the likes of Naruto. Despite being largely considered an outsider and struggling to find respect from others on a day-to-day basis, Rin still decides to help people when it really comes down to it.

Much like Naruto, this is a hero who has experienced a fair share of pain but feels obligated to be a protector rather than acting on those transgressions. Blue Exorcist also introduces a protagonist who has to conquer an inner demon and utilize it’s power for a greater cause. So there are no ninjas here and the show has a darker tone, but if your favorite thing about Naruto was the character development for Naruto’s particular type of character, you will easily fall in love with Blue Exorcist.

Dragon Ball Z

It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t already watched Dragon Ball Z, but if you’re one of the few who has been on the fence about sitting through this iconic anime, this is another reason to tune in. If you’re willing to trade in jutsu-touting ninjas for vegetable-themed super-powered martial artists who fight alongside extraordinary humans and androids, Dragon Ball Z has a lot to offer.

Goku and Naruto are presented as different, personalities-wise, but the reality is that they are very similar at their core. Goku has a sense of confidence that often causes him to get into tricky situations or sometimes underestimate his opponents. Naruto’s ego as a younger protagonist often leads him the same way.

While most of the main characters fight with projectiles and super fast hand-to-hand combat, there is still enough fighting style variety for you to enjoy the elements different fighters bring to each battle. Don’t get me wrong, this won’t seem nearly as diverse as Naruto’s use of different justsu but the element of so many different characters with different abilities is still dynamic enough to enjoy.

Perhaps the most obvious thing these two series have in common, however, is the amount of yelling. So if the constant yelling in Naruto gets you hyped up and excited for what’s on the other end, be prepared for Dragon Ball Z to match the energy.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

This one is a given pretty much. If you loved the Naruto series, why not keep the fanfare going by keeping up with the next generation of ninjas. Naruto’s son Boruto is the main protagonist, and he shares plenty of similarities with both of his parents. To no surprise, the anime overall is fashioned to fall in line with the Naruto series in terms of tone, action, animation, and narrative.

While it’s still different enough to feel like a completely fresh narrative experience, its roots will ensure that most Naruto fans can enjoy the new adventure. In all honesty, this is probably the best option for anyone who loves Naruto and just wants even more of that kind of anime experience. It’s the same old Naruto formula with new faces from familiar roots.

Jujutsu Kaisen

It’s hard to look at Jujutsu Kaisen and not see the influences that Naruto had on it. Alongside special abilities and even hand signs, the anime even has an evil being that possesses the main character.

Yet, even if Jujutsu Kaisen didn’t have these elements, Naruto fans would surely still love this anime, as its story and combat have a lot of the same elements that made fans fall in love with Masashi Kishimoto’s story about Ninjas. Just like Naruto, protagonist Yuji Itadori’s main goal is to help people, which leads him down the path of being possessed by Sukuna, the evilest cursed spirit ever to live.

In order to prolong his execution, as any vessel of Sukuna is immediately supposed to be put to death, Yuji must hunt down the rest of the evil spirit’s fingers until there are none left…and then he dies. Along the way, the protagonist makes new friends and enemies and also learns some insane abilities that result in some pretty crazy sakuga.

The first season alone has enough awesome battles and hand-to-hand combat to justify recommending Jujutsu Kaisen to Naruto fans who love action. Thanks to this, great characters, and an enthralling story, there is no doubt that if you loved Naruto that you’ll love Jujutsu Kaisen.

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