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7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a welcome departure from other Shonen shows, but when the credits roll on the last available episode these are the seven anime like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure you should watch.

It’s amazing how far Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has rocketed up in popularity in only a few short years. Once popular among only the most die-hard western manga readers, it is now one of the most popular Shonen series out there, thanks in no small part to an impressive anime adaptation that puts its over the top, bombastic shenanigans on full display. There are only so many episodes to be watched from the series though, and when viewers have watched them all and still need more, these seven shows will satisfy their cravings. Here are seven anime like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if you’re looking for something similar.

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7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Bungo Stray Dogs

In a world where gifted individuals are born with special abilities, Nakajima Atsushi finds himself at death’s door when he discovers a man floating down a river and unable to reach the shore. After saving him and learning he is one such gifted individual, Atsushi is rewarded with the opportunity to join the Armed Detective Agency, a group dedicated to the protection of the public from those who would use their abilities for evil. Reluctantly, Atsushi accepts and begins a journey toward becoming the person he never believed he could be.

While the characters may not have the same amount of erratic energy or insane musculature that Jojo’s do, Bungo Stray Dogs measures up and then some with a world of super-powered individuals and stellar fight scenes. It’s a promising mix of drama and Shonen that’ll have you eager to dig into its two seasons and feature film as fast as possible.

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