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All Ted Lasso AFC Richmond Player Ratings in FIFA 23

Our goal is to go out like Willie Nelson— on a high!

In a rather unexpected turn of events, Ted Lasso’s AFC Richmond has made it into FIFA 23. That means players can dive into crunching tackles with Roy Kent, speed down the wing with Obisanya, bang in a screamer from the edge of the box with Tartt, and scream “Football is life!” with the GOAT, Dani Rojas. In this guide, we’ll be running you through all of the AFC Richmond player ratings in FIFA 23, so you know exactly what you’re working with before starting a Career mode with Ted Lasso’s team.

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All FIFA 23 AFC Richmond Player Ratings

AFC Richmond have an Attacking rating of 81, a Midfield rating of 79 and a Defensive rating of 77.

FIFA 23 AFC Richmond

There are 19 players that comprise the AFC Richmond team of Ted Lasso fame in FIFA 23. We’ve broken them down by the starting XI and the substitutes below.

Starting XI

  • Zoreaux – GK – 76
  • Goodman – LB – 79
  • Maas – CB – 77
  • McAdoo – CB – 80
  • Dixon – RB – 78
  • Hughes – LM – 78
  • Kent – CM – 83
  • Bumbercatch – CM – 79
  • Obisanya – RM – 81
  • Rojas – ST – 82
  • Tartt – ST – 84

Substitutes & Reserves

  • Roberts – ST – 78
  • Cockburn – ST – 75
  • Montlaur – CDM – 77
  • Kukoc – RM – 75
  • Reynolds – CB – 76
  • Babatunde – CB – 75
  • O’Brien – GK – 75
  • Winchester – CD – 76

While the team is far from the very best in the game, its starting XI is strong enough to at least content in the Premier League. You might not be challenging for the title with the team as it is, but with a few choice transfers in Career Mode, you should be able to lead Roy Kent and his team to glory after a season or two.

What Game Modes Can You Play as AFC Richmond In?

You’ll be able to channel your inner Ted Lasso in any of the following game modes:

  • Career Mode
  • Kick-Off
  • Online Friendlies
  • Online Seasons

Simply pick AFC Richmond as your team when given the option to do so, and you’ll be all set to go. If you’re struggling to find them on the team selection screen, make sure you’re in the ‘Rest of World’ region and you’ll find them right near the beginning of the list here.

Just like that, you’re all clued up on the player ratings of AFC Richmond in FIFA 23. And remember, taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, isn’t it? If you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.

For more on the game, be sure to check out our guides on how chemistry works in FIFA 23, when you’ll get your 4600 FIFA Points in the Ultimate Edition of the game, and how to score flair shots. You can also check out more of our coverage below.

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