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All Star Gallery Rewards in FIFA 23 FUT Moments


All Star Gallery Rewards in FIFA 23 FUT Moments

Rewards for easy gameplay challenges!

‘Moments’ are a new game mode in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team, allowing players to earn ’FUT Stars’ by completing gameplay challenges with your squad. Once you’ve earned enough FUT Stars, you can spend them on rewards from the Star Gallery. In this guide, we’ll run you through all FIFA 23 Moments rewards you can purchase with FUT Stars.

There are two sets of rewards that you can choose from within the Star Gallery — the Browse and Seasonal menus. Browse appears as though it’ll remain the same throughout the year, while the ’Seasonal’ list looks set to refresh with each in-game season.

We’ve listed all of the rewards you can get from each below, along with how many FUT Stars they’ll cost to buy.

Browse Menu

  • Gold Pack (12 Items, 1 Rare) – 12 FUT Stars
  • Premium Gold Pack (12 Items, 3 Rare) – 16 FUT Stars


  • 3x Kylian Mbappe (Loan) – 0 FUT Stars each
  • 1x Welcome Pack (12 Gold Items, 3 Rare) – 3 FUT Stars each
  • 3x Gold Contracts Pack (4 Contracts) – 3 FUT Stars each
  • Ted Lasso Manager Item – 4 FUT Stars
  • Coach Beard Manager Item – 4 FUT Stars
  • 3x Gold Players Pack (12 Players, 1 Rare) – 20 FUT Stars each
  • 3x Ultimate Draft Token Pack (1 Draft Token) – 24 FUT Stars each
  • 3x Rare Consumables Pack (12 Consumables, All Rare) – 24 FUT Stars each
  • 1x 81-83 Rated Rare Players Pack (1 Rare Player 81-83 OVR) – 40 FUT Stars
  • 1x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (24 Gold Players, 7 Rare) – 64 FUT Stars

How to Get FUT Moments Rewards

To purchase one of the Star Gallery rewards, go into the Moments mode from the Ultimate Team menus, and then select the purple Star Gallery tile on the far left on the next screen.

Next, select the reward you want to purchase with your FUT Stars and press A.

FIFA 23 FUT Moments Star Gallery rewards screen

Confirm your choice, and as long as you’ve got the required Stars, the game will redeem the reward and immediately go into the pack opening cutscene.

It’s worth pointing out that the ’Seasonal’ rewards only have a finite amount of each pack that you can purchase. For example, you’ll only be able to redeem one Jumbo Premium Gold Players pack for 64 FUT Stars before it’s removed from the Star Gallery altogether.

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