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All Roles in Goose Goose Duck

Special powers that change up the game.

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction multiplayer game similar to Among Us, but contains one key difference. Roles can be handed out to all players before a game starts, giving them special powers or a different win condition. Here are all of the roles in Goose Goose Duck.

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All Roles in Goose Goose Duck, Explained

If the game mode allows it, roles can dramatically change how the game is played. There are 17 Duck roles, 21 Goose roles, and six neutral roles that have no effect on class and can win through other methods.

Duck Roles

  • Assassin – Twice per game, kill during meetings by correctly guessing a role or die trying.
  • Cannibal – You can eat a corpse once per game.
  • Demolitionist – You plant bombs on other players.
  • Hitman – Kill to get a bonus.
  • Identity Thief – You shapeshift into your most recent victim until a meeting is called.
  • Invisibility – You can turn invisible.
  • Lover (Goose or Duck) – Stay alive with your Lover or do tasks and get rid of the ducks.
  • Morphling – You can shapeshift into other players.
  • Ninja – You can kill two people in range simultaneously, but your kill cooldown is triple. The cooldown recovers faster in the forbidden passageways.
  • Party – You give other players a high pitched voice during meetings.
  • Professional – Geese can not see your victims and will auto-report them when they get near. Can’t report corpses.
  • Serial Killer – Killing your target reduces your cooldown. Killing others increases it.
  • Silencer – You can mute other players during meetings but you can’t vent.
  • Snitch – Being the only person to vote for someone puts them in jail.
  • Spy – Being the only person to vote for someone reveals their role.
  • Undertaker – You can drag bodies at a reduced speed.
  • Warlock – Summons a deadly swarm of locusts as its sabotage.

Goose Roles

  • Adventurer – The environment cannot kill you.
  • Astral – You can send your spirit through walls.
  • Avenger – If you witness a murder, you can temporarily kill.
  • Birdwatcher – You can see through walls with limited vision.
  • Bodyguard – Protect to get a bonus. If you’re between them and their killer, you die instead.
  • Canadian – Your body will auto self-report after one second if you are killed or swallowed.
  • Celebrity – All geese are alerted when you are killed.
  • Detective – You can investigate players to see if they have killed that round.
  • Engineer – The mini-map can temporarily approximate where living ducks called sabotages from. You can also vent temporarily.
  • Esper – You automatically prevent Telepathy and Clairvoyance sabotages. Ducks will see your location if a sabotage is blocked.
  • Gravy – Completing tasks increases your bounty. Survive to keep your earnings. Killers can only kill you if you’re alone.
  • Locksmith – You can always open the jail door.
  • Lover (Goose or Duck) – Stay alive with your Lover or do tasks and get rid of the Ducks.
  • Medium – You may know the number of ghosts.
  • Mimic – The Ducks view you as one of their own.
  • Mortician – You can investigate a corpse to see their role.
  • Politician – You win in voting ties and you cannot be sent to jail.
  • Sheriff – You can kill anyone, but killing a goose has fatal consequences.
  • Street Urchin – You can open locks from the inside.
  • Tracker – You can see who’s outside during a sandstorm.
  • Vigilante – You can kill one bird per game, power has responsibility.

Neutral Roles

  • Dodo Bird – Get voted out to win.
  • Dueling Dodos – Get voted out after the other Dodo dies to win. Complete your fake tasks to gain the ability to kill the other Dodo.
  • Falcon – Win as the last survivor. Geese only win by tasks and Ducks only win by sabotages while you’re alive. Always skips voting.
  • Pelican – Win as the last survivor. You can swallow players whole, but they do not die until a meeting is called.
  • Pigeon – Infect every player in a single round to win.
  • Vulture – Eat corpses to win.

Those are all the of roles in Goose Goose Duck. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more Goose Goose Duck coverage, and click the links below for other helpful tips on the game.

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