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All Little Buddy Hairstyles in Splatoon 3

A guide that features every hairstyle for Little Buddy in Splatoon 3.

In Splatoon 3, Salmonids make a return, and they’re just as hostile in Salmon Run as they were in Splatoon 2. Normally, they’ll attack on sight, but there’s one, in particular, that’s as cute as a button and is actually quite helpful: Little Buddy. It’s a Smallfry, a smaller version of Salmonids, but, more importantly, that little guy can be customized. If you want to give your little friend a new look, here’s all Little Buddy hairstyles in Splatoon 3.

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Splatoon 3 Little Buddy Hairstyles

When you start up Splatoon 3 for the first time, Little Buddy’s hair can be changed to one of seven different styles:

The paintbrush hairstyle:

Image Source: Nintendo

The bob:

Image Source: Nintendo

How about a spiked mohawk?

Image Source: Nintendo

Or the classic mohawk:

Image Source: Nintendo

Why not a pineapple-inspired hairdo?

Image Source: Nintendo

A simple bun looks nice, too.

Image Source: Nintendo

And, lastly, the fohawk:

Image Source: Nintendo

Unfortunately, that’s all there is in terms of customization for Little Buddy, but no matter which one you pick the little guy can rock any of the hairstyles.

How to Change Little Buddy’s Hairstyle in Splatoon 3

Contrary to what you might have heard, Little Buddy’s hairstyle isn’t set in stone at the start of the game; it can be changed at any time after the tutorial. Simply open the game menu, hop over to the Options tab, then pick Other. You can change Little Buddy’s hairstyle within Player Settings.

Now you’ve learned everything about Little Buddy hairstyles in Splatoon 3, including how to change it. Check out more on Splatoon 3 by learning what the max level cap is. Follow that up with understanding weapon freshness in Splatoon 3.

Featured Image Source: Nintendo

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