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If no one's around to see you cheat, are you still a cheater?

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Updated October 3, 2023

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Gunblood is a fun little game where you, a lone gunslinger, challenge a series of other lone gunslingers in one-on-one combat. To win, you need to be the fastest gun in the west. Of course, if you’ve already beaten the game and just want to play around, we’ve gathered all Gunblood cheat codes for you to use.

Every Gunblood Cheat Code

In order to use cheat codes in Gunblood, all you have to do is type one of the codes listed below when you’re choosing your gunslinger. You’ll see the cheat code bar along the bottom.

  • NOHIT: You are god! Well, actually, you’re only invincible, which is just as good. You can still take damage in the bonus rounds.
  • MOREAMMO: Use this cheat for infinite ammo.
  • POINTER: Bring 20th century tech to the wild west with a laser sight.
  • FASTFIRE: Increases your gun’s firing rate, so clicking faster will make you shoot faster.
  • LEVEL1: Starts the game at Level 1.
  • LEVEL2: Starts the game at Level 2.
  • LEVEL3: Starts the game at Level 3.
  • LEVEL4: Starts the game at Level 4.
  • LEVEL5: Starts the game at Level 5.
  • LEVEL6: Starts the game at Level 6.
  • LEVEL7: Starts the game at Level 7.
  • LEVEL8: Starts the game at Level 8.
  • LEVEL9: Starts the game at Level 9.
  • BONUS1: Sets it to Bonus Round 1.
  • BONUS2: Sets it to Bonus Round 2.
  • BONUS3: Sets it to Bonus Round 3.
  • BONUS4: Sets it to Bonus Round 4.

And that does it for all Gunblood cheat codes as well as how to use them. Truthfully, these cheat codes come in handy not just for having fun, but for practice as well considering you can load up specific levels that you might be having trouble with. At any rate, have fun cheating in Gunblood!

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