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All Crucible Changes in Destiny 2 Season 19

Season 19 has officially kicked off with plenty of Crucible changes.

Bungie has announced the Destiny 2 Season 19 update patch notes, which confirm the arrival of a new Dungeon, Iron Banner mode, the ability to craft Deep Stone crypt raid weapons, and a lot more. Apart from these, Crucible, the PvP multiplayer component of Destiny 2, has also been reworked. With that said, our Destiny 2 guide provides you with a detailed breakdown of the Crucible changes in Season 19.

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Every Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Change to Crucible

According to the recent patch notes, these are all of the changes you can expect in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph:


To start things off, Bungie has implemented changes to the playlist activities in Destiny 2 Season 19. As a result, players will now see a Quickplay (6v6) gameplay mode whenever they enter the Crucible screen.

Apart from this, the game developers have decided to make a new playlist for the competitive modes, including Survival, Rift, and Showdown. Finally, a new Competitive Division ladder has been implemented, which allows players to progress through seven divisions, based on their skill in the Crucible.

  • Quickplay (6v6)
    • It is now a playlist with both Clash and Control.
    • Uses loose skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), which we have tuned during Season 18.
  • Weekly Rotator (6v6/Free For All)
    • Rotates weekly between Momentum Control, Mayhem, Scorched, Rift, and Rumble.
    • Use purely connection-based matchmaking (CBMM).
  • Competitive Division / Freelance (3v3)
    • This is now a playlist, randomly picking Survival, Rift, and Showdown.
    • Uses a new SBMM setting built using concepts we developed for loose SBMM tuning but tightened to match you more closely against opponents of your skill.
  • Crucible Labs
    • During Season 19, Labs is showcasing 3v3 Rift with asymmetric maps.
    • Labs now have a stacking +25% reputation booster.
    • Crucible Labs uses CBMM.
  • Trials of Osiris (3v3)
    • When Trials is active, it replaces Crucible Labs.
  • Iron Banner / Freelance (6v6)
    • When Iron Banner is active, it replaces the Quickplay node.
    • Glory progression deprecated.
    • New Competitive Division ladder implemented.
      • Progress through seven divisions, based on your skill in the Crucible:
        • Copper
        • Bronze
        • Silver
        • Gold
        • Platinum
        • Adept
        • Ascendant
      • Earn/lose more/less skill by:
        • Winning.
        • Playing well.
        • Having your division be above/below your skill rating.
        • Being better/worse than the rest of the lobby.
      • Participate in:
        • Placement Series to start each Season and be placed in an initial division based on skill.
        • Promotion Series to promote to a higher division.
        • Relegation Series to avoid demotion to a lower division.
      • Avoid division decay by playing some matches each week. Avoid division decay by playing some matches each week.
      • Shaxx has an intro quest to get you started!
    • Competitive Division Rewards
      • A cool division.
      • Your division gives you a stacking Crucible Rank bonus:
        • Copper and Bronze – 1.0x
        • Silver – 1.1x
        • Gold – 1.2x
        • Platinum – 1.3x
        • Adept – 1.4x
        • Ascendant – 1.5x
      • Once a week, each character can complete a Competitive Division challenge to earn a drop of the Rose Hand Cannon.


In the latest Destiny 2 season, Bungie is incorporating a new matchmaking parameter to the Quickplay mode called Fireteam size. As a result, players can expect more fireteam vs. fireteam matches in Quickplay and, as the Season continues, other playlists.

  • Lowered the amount of suspension time handed out for serial quitting in the Quickplay playlist.
  • Added the amount of time remaining to all suspension messages and made the messages trigger when clicking on the node. If you want to know how much time you have left before you can play again, the information is now available.


Destiny 2 Season 19 sees the return of the annual series of challenges, which allows players to earn a range of rewards after the newest update. Besides the in-game goodies, completing the quests provides an opportunity for Destiny 2 fans to purchase an exclusive T-shirt.

However, it’s worth noting that Moments of Triumph will end along with the Season of the Seraph on February 28. So make sure you’re grabbing all the rewards on time. Here’s the complete list of rewards that you can earn:

  • New Crucible Seal and Title
    • Unbroken and its Glory related Triumphs have been memorialized.
    • Added new Crucible title ‘Glorious’ and new Triumphs.
  • Crucible Engrams
    • Crucible Engrams will be a virtual currency and live exclusively on the Rank Progress bar on Lord Shaxx.
    • Players can open Crucible Engrams by visiting Shaxx, no Rahool needed.
  • Crucible Gear Focusing
    • You can focus the Crucible Engram directly into either Crucible armor or Crucible weapons.
      • Crucible gear focusing cost for Season 19:
        • One Crucible Engram
        • 10,000 Glimmer
        • 50 Legendary Shards 
      • Crucible Engrams DO NOT need to be “claimed” to be spent on focusing.
      • Individual pieces of gear must have been acquired at least once prior to being available for focusing.
    • Crucible armor available for focusing in Season 19:
      • Clutch Extol Set
    • Crucible weapons available for focusing in Season 19:
      • Stars in Shadow
      • The Keening
      • Frozen Orbit
      • Survivor’s Epitaph
      • Sorrow’s Verse
      • Crisis Inverted
      • Riptide
      • Out of Bounds
    • Brand new Crucible weapons are only available as drops during their introductory Season and are then available for focusing the following Season.
  • Other Shaxx changes
    • The Kill-Tracker Ghost Shell will no longer appear at Lord Shaxx if it has already been acquired. It may be reacquired from Collections.


  • Fixed some issues where Void objectives for weaken and suppress were not counting correctly against Guardians. 
  • Reduced number of final blows required for some bounties calling for elemental status effects in Crucible.
  • Updated Crucible bounty availability to align with Crucible revamp changes.


  • Quickplay suspension timer is now separate from Competitive. Suspension time remaining is now displayed.
  • Showdown Heavy ammo initial spawn time increased to 60s, is not shareable, and only spawns once per round.
  • Rift Heavy ammo is not shareable.
  • 3v3 Rift and Showdown resurrect timer set to 2s; respawn timer set to 7s.
  • Mode rule descriptions added to launch screen of all Crucible modes.
  • Loading screen hints added for all Crucible and Iron Banner modes.
  • Curated maps in all Crucible modes.


  • Eternity should now award progress towards This Is the Way Triumph in Trials.
  • Fixed landing cinematic for Disjunction in Glory playlist.
  • Crucible Rank reputation is increased based on your Ranked 3v3 ladder rank.
  • MIDA Multi-Tool catalyst can now drop from any Crucible win.

That’s everything you need to know on every Destiny 2 Season 19 Crucible change. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, be sure to check out other guides on how to get the DFA Hand Cannon, as well as how to get the Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle.

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