Agents of Mayhem: How to Get All Trophies and Achievements

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How to Get All Trophies and Achievements in Agents of Mayhem

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Agents of Mayhem has a lot going on which means it’s full of shiny rewards for Trophy hunters on PS4 and those who love to boost their Gamerscore on Xbox One and PC. There are 49 achievements in total (50 trophies on PS4 thanks to the Platinum). While most are pretty straightforward, there are a few that will require a bit more attention and effort. Don’t worry, though, you won’t be left to figure this all out on your own. Below you’ll find out how to get every single trophy and achievement available in Agents of Mayhem.

Agent of the Month (Platinum Trophy, PS4 Only) – Complete all trophies.

Fire Up the Wayback Machine – Use mission replay to replay and complete three missions. You unlock mission replay after completing the main campaign. You can access it by pressing down on the d-pad or choosing missions from the Field Menu.

Contested Location – Take over each type of emplacement location. This relates to the following trophies. There are orange icons on the map that represent LEGION forces. Just clear one of each type.

Stop the Drop – Destroy a Drop Pod Launcher emplacement.

Hate This Thing – Destroy a Hate Machine emplacement.

Chill Out – Destroy an Ice Barrage emplacement.

Dominator Dominated – Destroy a Gravity Dominator.

Not This Fracking Thing – Destroy a Dark Matter Fracking Station.

Alert Level Wipe – Complete LEGION Alert Level by defeating the LEGION captain. You must raise your alert level by attacking civilians and killing enemies. When maxed out, a captain will appear. Kill it and the alert level will go away.

Not Technically a Golem… – Destroy a Golem in the open world. You’ll have to located one of these powerful foes while exploring the open world. They tend to be around LEGION encampments. Come prepared.

What’s the Password? – Enter a secret room inside a LEGION Lair. This one’s sort of tricky, and may take more than one Lair entry. When inside of a lair don’t always go through the doors you’re directed to. Instead, try all of the doors. Eventually you’ll find one that looks like the one in the image below. Destroy the supplies blocking a gap in the wall and step in.

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Three’s Company – Fully deck out Carnage a Trois in their signature outfits. Yeti, Braddock, and Daisy’s personal missions must be completed to unlock the Carnage a Trois Operation. You get the outfits for completing it.

Next Up: Action Figures! – Fully deck out Franchise Force in their signature outfits. Hollywood, Hardtack, and Fortune make up the Franchise Force. Get their outfits from completing the Franchise Force operation.

Bombshells – Fully Deck out the Bombshells in their signature outfits. Joulie, Rama, and Red Card are your Bombshells. Completing all of their personal missions unlocks the Bombshells operation which in turn unlocks the signature outfits for the group.

#SquadGoals – Fully deck out Firing Squad in their signature outfits. This group consists of Kingpin, Scheherazade, and Oni. You must complete all of their personal missions to unlock the Firing Squad operation. Upon completion just go and equip the skins while in squad select.

Designated Driver – Call in an agent vehicle for the first time. You have to do this at several times throughout the story anyway so no need to stress this one.

Pimp Your Ride – Build your first vehicle through blueprints. You’ll collect car blueprints randomly or by doing the Mayhem Delivery activities. Once a set is complete the trophy will pop (this shouldn’t take long at all).

LEGION Roadkill – Run over LEGION personnel 10 times.

A Full Circle – Complete a 360 in the air while in a vehicle. The Attrazione is possibly the best vehicle for this as you can turn more quickly in the air.

Spreading MAYHEM – Deploy your first agent to any LEGION region. The story will have you do this.

Contract Thriller – Complete 15 Connected Contracts. Connected contracts are the ones that refresh every 24 hours. There are three every day, you must complete 15 of these.

Contract Killer – Complete 30 Mayhem & Agent Contracts. You gain contracts from sending agents out on Global Conflicts. You must complete any 30.

X Marks the Spot – Find and open a large loot chest. You’ll stumble across these randomly.

Accessories Sold Separately – Use Gremlin Tech for the first time. You’ll gain access to Gremlin Tech after reaching the Ark for the first time. Press L1/LB to use an equipped Gremlin Tech when out on the field.

Go-Go-Gadget! – Equip your first gadget onto any agent. When you complete missions you unlock gadgets. Go into the squad menu from the Field menu and edit an agent’s equipment.

Crystalized – Equip an Upgrade Core to any agent. Just like with gadgets, you need to edit equipment for an agent and choose Core Upgrade.

Bling Bling – Swap out an agent’s weapon with a new look. You can only change skins during the squad selection before leaving the Ark. Change a weapon skin on any agent to add this to your trophies and achievements.

Long Jump – Jump an agent vehicle 50 meters in one jump. There are a few parts during the story that actually have you do this, so don’t stress it.

Hack the Planet – Unlock and complete all standard VR room training programs. There are 31 challenges in total for the Wreck Room. Beat the story first to have them all unlocked then run through them. Using only Oni and  Scheherazade took me about an hour to complete all of them.

More Line FUNgeon, Amirite? – Complete a LEGION lair for the first time in Seoul. You’ll have to do a few for the story.

Jump Around – Hit 10 jumps in the city. These must be done in a vehicle, and will come naturally.

Shard Shark – Collect all collectible Shards in game. There are a whopping 350 shards scattered throughout Seoul. You must collect them all.

All the Bells and Whistles – Fully upgrade all areas of the ARK. You’ll have to level up the ARK by unlocking agents and leveling them up as well as completing Operations. As you do, you’ll gain access to upgrades from the Requisitions desk.

Hello, Ladies – Collect all agent vehicles.

Hardcore Gamer – Complete all Operations on Difficulty Level 7+.

Globally Offensive – Complete the Moscow Global Offensive. This unlocks after first clearing all other countries on the Global Conflict map.

Super Agent – Reach level 40 on any agent. After reaching level 20, you can further increase an agent’s level using Upgrade Cores to greatly boost their power. You’ll need 20 cores and a maxed out agent.

Get Personal – Complete all agent personal missions and get all agents to level 20.

Warp Points Acquired – Unlock five warp points via open world gameplay. You can locate these on the map itself after clearing out bases. Just go to them and activate them.

There are a few more trophies and achievements in Agents of Mayhem that are marked as hidden. Most of them are story related, with a few being extra challenges, but none of them are difficult. In fact, all but three are automatic just for playing the game. They do reveal the names of Operations though, so they may be considered spoilers to some. We have those on the next page for those who don’t care about a bit of spoiling. 

Hidden Trophies and Achievements

How to Get All Trophies and Achievements in Agents of Mayhem

The following few trophies and achievements in Agents of Mayhem that are all story related and can’t be missed. So enjoy watching them pop as you get through the game.

Smells Like Home – Warp into the ARK for the first time.

That Went Poorly – Complete “Operation: Spin-off.”

Space Laser: OFFLINE – Complete “Operation:Heaven Sent.”

You Got Gaunt! – Complete “Operation: Star Power.”

Wedding Crasher – Complete “Operation: Machine Man.”

Broken Hearts Club – Complete “Operation: Red Queen.”

Through the Looking Glass – Complete “Operation: Madhouse.”

Fall of Babylon – Complete “Operation: Damocles.”

District Control – Take over an Outpost from LEGION.

These last couple require a bit of work but aren’t overly difficult.

Secrets Within Secrets – Enter a secret room, inside a secret room, inside a LEGION lair. Remember that other secret area trophy? Well sometime’s they’ll have a working computer in them. Interact with it and a new room will reveal itself. Jump in and interact with the computer in there for this trophy.

Status #1337 – Get 15 “All Perfect” hacks. If you hack without making errors you get a perfect hack. Fun fact, it’s nearly impossible to not get one.

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