7 Anime Like In Another World With My Smartphone if You’re Looking for Something Similar

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The Isekai genre is still ripe with new ideas and premises, and In Another World With My Smartphone is a perfect example. Full of humor, trope subversion and twists on the beloved genre, the series is a great time for most any anime fan who enjoys seeing something different. It’s not the only series capable of providing this kind of experience though, and these seven shows are perfect if you’re looking for something similar.

Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World

Subaru is a normal, everyday guy until one fateful day when he blinks and finds himself in another reality. Instead of panicking or trying to figure out why it happened though, he embraces this new opportunity and does his best to find his way in a new world full of mystical creatures, magic spells and all-powerful spirits. Or at least, he tries to before he’s quickly murdered and resurrected at the start of his journey, forced to relive all of his previous choices in order to find the correct way to make it through the day.

While it may take a darker turn than some other Isekai, Re:Zero is still a stellar example of the genre and throws in some cool concepts to keep things fresh. It’s also worth noting that only a small portion of the source material has been adapted so far, leaving plenty more to come once the next season is announced.

Outbreak Company

Despite living out his life as a shut-in and an Otaku, Shin’ichi Kanō finds his fortunes reversed when he is offered a job based on his nerdy expertise. His task is simple: Go to a newly discovered world full of magic, monsters and fantastical races and establish a trade company specializing in Japanese cultural items, selling the populace on the benefits of manga, anime and every other item tied to them. Unfortunately, some in the world aren’t as keen on seeing a new culture seep into their society and will stop at nothing to stop his mission by any means necessary.

A great show for anyone looking for a light-hearted dive into otaku culture and fantasy themes, the show is a breezy experience perfect for an afternoon of binging anime and enjoying some well done tropes. You’ll come to love the bubbly cast of characters before you know it, and there are plenty of great jokes so long as you don’t mind poking fun at anime-related hobbies.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

There are some shows that seek to immerse the viewer in the excitement and splendor of a new setting through the exceptional endeavors of its protagonists. KonoSuba is not that show. Focused on the struggles of Kazuma Satō, an otaku who died of a heart attack after falling in front of an oncoming tractor (yes, seriously), the show has no qualms with showing what might really occur if a spiteful, lazy shut in were dropped into a fantasy setting. From being devoured by acidic slime monsters to having to work their way out of crippling debt, he and his party find themselves in no end of dilemmas between themselves and fortune, usually of their own making no less. And yet before long, you’ll come to love the merry band of screw-ups and root for their success, no matter how brief and fleeting it may be.


If you had the chance to live out your life as an MMO character that you’d grinded up to invincibility, what would you do with this newfound power? Such is the premise for Overlord, a popular dark fantasy Isekai series currently entering its third season. Following the closure of his favorite MMORPG, the elder lich Momonga finds himself unable to log out and even fully transformed into his character. Not only that, but every NPC in the world suddenly has a personality of their own, choosing to serve or defy him as they see fit. To this end, Momonga decides to make the most of his new circumstances, enlisting the help of his former minions to take control of the entirety of this new world. Chock full of action and rocking a metal aesthetic, there’s plenty to love about this series through each of its seasons, and there’ll only be more to see thanks to the recent, steady stream of new seasons.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

After engaging in a “Death March” of endless work to complete to MMORPGs, game developer Ichiro Suzuki awakens from a nap to find himself inside a video game world. Not only that, but he is able to use his programming skills to bend the world to his favor, maximizing his EXP gain in order to become the strongest warrior in the land capable of doing whatever he wants. So begins his adventures in a new life, aiding the local inhabitants he encounters and forming a party full of women as he goes.

While the show can tilt heavily toward harem territory, there are still plenty of fun fantasy elements to be enjoyed along the way. Plus, thanks to the twist of being able to manipulate the world at will, Suzuki is able to breathe variety into the usual encounters and fights one would expect from such a show, summoning firearms deus ex machinas as easily as other characters might use fireballs and magic.


When a mysterious gate opens to another world and unleashes dragons and medieval warriors upon Japan’s populace, the government turns to an unlikely hero to bring peace between the two worlds: Yōji Itami, a slacker and fantasy nut who shines under pressure and saved hundreds of civilians in the initial attack. Using their advanced technology, Itami and the Japanese Special defense forces launch an excursion and attack into the new world, eager to find the perpetrators of the original assault and to broker a peace between the two realities before the conflict escalates.

A must see for any Isekai fan who tilts toward action-packed series, Gate finds a nice balance between a power fantasy and military-style combat and drama. It should also be noted that this series doesn’t shy away from gore, making for a visceral experience and intense battle scenes.

No Game No Life

For the siblings Sora and Shiro, there’s no such thing as a game that they can’t win. Going by the moniker of Blank online, they’ve amassed plenty of renown for overcoming any challenge brought their way. This is what brings them to the attention of the God of Games who, after being bested by the two in a game of chess, summons them to the world of Disboard, a place where every problem or power struggle is decided with a game. Feeling right at home within this new reality, the pair decide to challenge the God of Games for control over the world, challenging his followers to a variety of games in order to prove their dominance and live up to their former reputation.

Full of creative scenarios and high stakes confrontations, there’s plenty to entertain viewers in this series. Just don’t expect the experience to last forever; with only one season and a film under its belt, the show will be done long before you get your fill of its characters and style.

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