Best Fallout 4 mods of September 2019

5 Best Fallout 4 Mods of September 2019

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The Machine and Her

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The Machine and Her is an entire quest that has a similar size and style to Fallout 4’s DLC. With around 4-5 hours of gameplay, this mod tells a story of Kit, a young woman you come across who’s running from something.

This story has multiple outcomes depending of the choices you make, and your actions even have the capacity to influence Kit herself. Kit is fully voice acted and you can have her as a companion. As your companion, Kit comes with a custom-built affinity system that links to events of the vanilla game. Her spacial talents are hacking and lockpicking, so having her around could come in handy.

She also comes with the menu item Kit’s Radio, which allows you to change her various settings and features, as well as handily moving her straight to your location.

Bullet Counted Reload System

This mod fixes one of Fallout 4’s infamous bugs, where weapons can’t be reloaded based on how many shots have been fired. One of example of this is the Far Harbor lever action rifle, which will always load five rounds no matter how many times you’ve fired.

Bullet Counted Reload System not only fixes this issue, but it’s also a fairly dynamic mod. This means that other modders can use the mod on any weapons they make without having to use the Creation Kit.

As one of the core mechanics in the Fallout: New Vegas Project, this mod is fast and has no ESP, meaning it won’t take up a valuable slot in your load order.

Lamprey Floaters

Avid Fallout 3 fans might recognize the creatures in this mod. The Lamprey Floaters were an enemy originally designed for Fallout 3 and made it to at least the concept art stage before being scrapped.

These unsightly guys can now be added into the world of Fallout 4, thanks to this mod. They’ve gone through a slight redesign but the Lamprey Floater can be found dotted throughout the Commonwealth, although most of them reside in the Glowing Sea.

The FEV virus has worked its magic on the common flatworm to create this newest enemy, which come in several special variants – Diseased, Runt, and Alpha – adding just a little more diversity to the wasteland.

Pet Any Dog

Fallout 4 mods PEt Any Dog

Whatever the game, we all want to pet the dog. Always. If you’ve ever thought the Fallout games were a little cruel in giving you a faithful canine companion but not letting you pet the good boy, this mod is for you.

Pet Any Dog does what it says on the tin by allowing you to pet any of the dogs you come across, as long as the pup in question is friendly or neutral.

For the mod to work you need to have at least rank 1 in the Animal Friend perk. With that, Dogmeat and his furry pals are yours for the petting.

The Wasteland Garage

Fallout 4 mods September Wasteland Garage

The Wasteland Garage is perfect if you want to Mad Max up your post-apocalyptia a little. This mod adds a whopping 130+ additional workshop items in the form of cars, dirtbikes, choppers, and other insane vehicles.

The mod uses mostly in-game assets, meaning all vehicles look like part of the rest of the world. As well as driveables, you’ll also find items that allow you to decorate your new roadhogs.

A small word of warning about The Wasteland Garage – your car will require a fairly high settler budget, and the more cluttered your vehicle the bigger that budget gets. That’s why mod author Diegonom recommends the Settlement Budget Uncapper mod to go alongside this one.

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