Xur Makes Getting Exotics Easier in The Taken King with the Three of Coins

We're sorry for all the mean things we ever said about you Xur.

Xur, Destiny’s shady black market exotic dealer, is already a helpful resource for guardians. Each week he comes strapped with exotics for sale which he will happily trade to you for Strange Coins. Sure, it’s sometimes a love/hate relationship between guardians and Xur, especially after he sells Sunbreakers for three weeks in a row (GRRRR). Deep down though, we can all appreciate the effort. When The Taken King rolls out on Sept. 15 though, Xur is looking to extend his services beyond his normal stock.

Through an exclusive Game Informer feature with Bungie, we learned that come The Taken King, Xur will be selling a new item called Three of Coins. Three of Coins is a one time consumable item that will increase the chance of getting an exotic drop from your next boss kill.

How reliable this new item will be remains to be seen. It would have to really swing the odds in favor of the guardian if they want people to log in each week to take their chances. Destiny’s RNG (read: loot drop percentages) can be pretty brutal. So any opportunity to ease that headache should be well received.

As always though, Xur will be out and about in the Tower and beyond selling his randomized wares for the usual Strange Coins. What he does with all those coins is still Destiny’s greatest mystery.

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