The Order: 1886 Teams up with Uber to Deliver Victorian PS4 Experience

If you've dreamed of playing The Order: 1886 in a horse-drawn carriage, we have good news for you.

In celebration of The Order: 1886‘s release, Sony has teamed up with Uber to bring a few lucky residents of Auckland, New Zealand a slew of exclusive PlayStation carriage rides.

Through the Uber mobile app, residents of New Zealand were able to request pickup by a horse-drawn carriage inspired by The Order: 1886. Inside the carriage lay a TV and PlayStation 4, fulfilling every rider’s lifelong dream of playing a PlayStation exclusive as a New Zealand horse trollied them around the Ponsonby area.

The Order Uber

“This game is the perfect marriage of past, myth and modern technology,” says Krister Robinson, Sony Computer Entertainment’s New Zealand Marketing Manager. “Everything in the game, from the characters, the enemy, the weapons, the setting and the technology has been crafted to bring this to life. We’re looking forward to offering some passengers a one-off travel experience that brings history – The Order: 1886 carriage – and today’s technology – Uber – together.”

If you missed out on the chance to enter the exclusive Uber promotion, or if you just couldn’t shimmy over to Auckland in time, I can only offer you a consolatory “maybe next time.” Here’s hoping PlayStation carriages become a norm all over the world.

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