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How to Exploit Destiny: The Taken King for Easy Exotics


How to Exploit Destiny: The Taken King for Easy Exotics


Since the vanilla days, Destiny has always been at odds with fans when it comes to doling out the sweet loot, especially when it comes to exotics. As far as major loot drops go, players either had to strike it big with RNGesus or wait for everyone’s favorite tentacled maestro to show up and ship his wares. This week, with the launch of Destiny: The Taken King, Xur came with a new item, the Three of Coins which upped a guardian’s chances of receiving an exotic from killing an Ultra.

The thing is, the item actually works much better than anyone anticipated, and you can even farm the drops provided that you have the coin and a handy rocket launcher. Here’s how to rake in the engrams with ease before, as with everything, this latest exploit gets patched:

the taken king

  1. Head over to Xur and purchase as many Three of Coins as you’re willing to carry.
  2. Pick a short mission with an easy boss, Early Earth missions will get the job done, but literally anyone that you feel the most comfortable with will do.
  3. Pop a Three of Coins before diving in.
  4. Bring a Rocket Launcher and some ammo synthesis if you plan to be there for a while.
  5. Get to the boss, fight it as normal, and when you’re about to kill the boss, use your rocket launcher at close so that you die together (friends ’til the end).
  6. When you respawn, pop another Three of Coins then scan the area where you killed the boss for any drops. Exotic Engrams will show off in a their bright glorious gold on the ground just like any other engram.
  7. Once you’ve scanned, kill the boss once again in the same manner (it should be relatively close since the game spawns you right before the boss room).
  8. Rinse and repeat until you’re completely out of Three of Coins.

The drop rate is surprisingly high, meaning you don’t even have to stack the effect of the coins. I used one coin at a time and was able to get seven Exotics out of 15 coins.

Be aware that Bungie knows, so get ’em while they’re hot. There won’t be many opportunities like this.

Safe travels, guardians.

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