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Top 25 Best Video Games of 2016

game of the year 2016

Top 25 Best Video Games of 2016

What a glorious year for video games.

best video games of 2016

Planet Coaster marks the return of a minor, yet beloved subgenre: the amusement park management games. Creating and controlling every aspect of your own theme park is more appealing and fun than ever before, thanks to Planet Coaster’s deep and entertaining system. Choose how to treat your guests to make the park prosper… Or let chaos consume the place, which is even more fun!

Despite its downgrade and initial bugs, Tom Clancy’s The Division has grown healthy throughout 2016 and this year promises to bring even more content. This open-world online third person shooter gathers many elements from previous Ubisoft games and consolidate them, while bringing new, creative ideas to the table, like the chaotic Dark Zone.

Fire Emblem Fates is not one, but three different video games that deal with the war between the kingdoms of Nohr and Hoshido. This excellent tactical RPG will make you care for your virtual siblings and allies, especially if you choose to play with permanent death. A solid gameplay, a cast full of rich characters and an outstanding soundtrack round up this must-have title for the 3DS.

The third and final chapter of the Zero Escape trilogy offers another round of mind-bending puzzles, alternate realities and impossible decisions. Zero Time Dilemma may appear like a simple visual novel, but fans know that, behind its appearance, lies a Saw-style plot that turns into an elaborate, rich story with a unique angle and narrative. It is also a PS Vita game, which is always great. this is just one of the best video games of 2016

Raise your hand if you thought this was going to turn bard. Watch Dogs 2 is the total opposite of its failed predecessor: colorful, fun and addictive. Ubisoft learned from their past mistakes and built an incredibly accurate depiction of San Francisco. Hacking with the charismatic and enjoyable protagonist Marcus Holloway is way better than getting stuck with the boring and monochromatic Aiden Pierce.

After 10 years watching Trico and the nameless boy, The Last Guardian was finally released at the end of 2016. Despite the controversies surrounding the game, and some irritating controls, this emotional tale of friendship between two lost souls is worth experiencing, like the rest of Fumito Ueda’s work. Just a warning: Trico won’t follow your exact orders all the time — he was conceived to behave like a real pet, and you wouldn’t get angry at him over something like that… Right?

Playdead’s second title follows the path set by Limbo and proposes another odd and atmospheric game about a boy lost in a mysterious world. Inside builds upon its predecessor and manages to depict one of the most captivating and magnetic settings in recent years. Every scene has a purpose in Inside, and fans are still discussing and discovering the secrets buried under its subtle narrative. A 2D puzzle platformer like nothing else.


In a time where remasters are exceedingly usual, Insomniac Games recreated the original Ratchet & Clank with a totally new engine, polished its story and updated its gameplay. This is how a good remaster/remake should be. It would be great if other companies could follow their example, instead of regurgitating lazy remasters and compilations, especially when the result is as entertaining and enjoyable as this game. but there are more best video games of 2016 to talk about.

The Witness is not for everyone, but it does something many other games are afraid to tackle: it treats its players with respect, acknowledging their intelligence. It will throw at you a myriad of creative and thoughtful puzzles with unexpected and clever solutions. If you want to dive into this game, get a pen and paper — you will need them.

While Call of Duty delivered another futuristic fps, Battlefield 1 answered the players’ wishes and returned to the XX Century. This time, it delves into World War I, a conflict almost unexplored in video games. Battlefield 1 stands out for its fragmented campaign, immersive multiplayer and those ridiculous pigeons… But it’s a pity that it is so full of DLCs and premium paid content.

Gears of War 4 is very similar to Halo 4 in the way it was conceived: a new entry in an established franchise made by a different developer. However, in this case, The Coalition overcame the high expectations surrounding the title and presented a compact game with the essence of Gears of War intact. The campaign, the multiplayer and the visuals fit together in a sequel that convinced us to annihilate the Locust, one more time. now, on to the rest of the best video games of 2016

Stardew Valley looks like the usual farming simulators we are used to see on Facebook, but it is so much more than that; in fact, it is one of the deepest titles of the year. In addition to harvesting, it offers an immense variety of activities and gameplay mechanics: fishing, mining, foraging, fighting, building relationships, crafting, exploring… And of course, marrying a sexy pixelated villager. Good luck trying to 100% it. we’re almost through with the best video games of 2016 now.

Long before Stranger Things, Oxenfree took inspiration from the 80s’ supernatural teenage films and featured a completely innovative and organic dialogue system. It is the next true step for adventure games, different from Telltale’s formula. In here, decisions really matter, which is heartbreaking when you fell in love with these amazing characters. Its eerie setting and haunting soundtrack add the final touches to yet another excellent 2016 indie title.

Yet another sequel, this time from the awarded strategy futuristic title XCOM. XCOM 2 threatens to trap you with infinite hours of thoughtful and rewarding gameplay, shooting aliens and deploying units for hours and hours. It fulfilled the expectations of fans, who can also mod the game to unsuspected limits, like turning it into a Star Wars title. Missing shots dressed like Stormtroopers feels just right. certainly one of the best video games of 2016.

What a great surprise Doom was. Despite its problematic development and Bethesda’s new analysis policy, Doom marks the triumphal return of the goriest and manliest franchise ever. This game has only one purpose: to entertain the hell out of you with endless waves of Martian daemons waiting to be killed by the most bad ass weapons. You can also opt to break the spine of your enemies with your bear hands, cut them in half with a chainsaw… Brutal. is this one of your best video games of 2016?

A fantasy based on reality. A tale of four friends and a prince with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Final Fantasy XV is a grandiose RPG, with a gut-wrenching story and interesting world. There are so many things to love about FF XV: its characters, its setting, its combat… All empowered by an amazing soundtrack, beautiful visuals and an impressive design. A true fantasy indeed.

Pokemon has such a solid and fun gameplay, that it was getting stale in other aspects of the franchise. That’s why Pokemon Sun and Moon are so good: they reimagine the basic progression of Pokemon games and add a ton of innovations, like Alolan forms, Ultrabeasts, Trials and, of course, new types of Pokemon. Pokemon Go contributed to their success, but they are both excellent games on their own, even for newcomers.

In a year with so many good shooters, Titanfall 2 stands out as the best of them, which isn’t an easy achievement. Like the previous sequels on the list, it expands on the original concept with an exciting single player campaign and a complete multiplayer experience with new titans and pilots. Titanfall 2 manages to fulfill its awesome premise: allowing the player to become a mecha pilot with parkour skills. Neat.

It’s been said many times, but Overwatch is yet another great IP from Blizzard. Its cast of charming and charismatic characters from all around the word has already become iconic in less than a year, thanks to its dedicated and healthy community. Overwatch is a title with a long, guaranteed future and a brilliant present, a competitive shooter that is simply too fun to overlook.

Of course it was going to be Uncharted. The end of Nathan Drake’s journey represents everything good about video games: likeable characters, excellent story-telling, extraordinary graphics and a tight gameplay base. Naughty Dog has proved several times that they can deliver astonishing set pieces, and Uncharted 4 is no different. This masterpiece represents the culmination of an exponentially good franchise, that we will miss. Our GOTY 2016.

that’s it for the best video games of 2016.

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