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The Top 15 Best Droids in Star Wars, Ranked

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The Top 15 Best Droids in Star Wars, Ranked

15. GNK Droids

GNK Droids are the simplest thing in the Star Wars universe, nothing more than walking power generators. But that simplicity is part of what makes them so endearing.

These lumbering droids can be seen throughout the Star Wars series, always saying “gonk” as they wander willy-nilly. They’re simple and don’t do much, but we love them anyway.

14. R4-P17

Until later in the series, R4 was the only other Astromech that actually got some decent screentime besides R2. The lovely red droid served as Obi-Wan’s ship companion and helped him out of quite a few tight spots in Attack of the Clones and the Clone Wars series.

R4 once again embodies how loyal and trustworthy those little Astromech droids are.

13. 2-1B

2-1B medical droids have helped save the lives of countless Star Wars characters, and they’re more iconic than you might initially think. This droid gave both Anakin and Luke their new robotic limbs, and have appeared in a number of extended universe properties, like the Clone Wars.


The first time you’re introduced to PROXY in the Force Unleashed is when he apologizes for being unsuccessful at killing Galen Marek during training. That sets the tone for the pair’s relationship, and PROXY consistenly manages to be a hilarious friend to Marek.

It also helps that he’s equipped with a highly advanced hologram technology that lets him take on the appearance of anyone for a short while.

11. Probe Droids

Imperial Prove Droids are fearsome opponents, and consistently one of the biggest dangers to the rebel alliance. Who can ever forget that weird babble-talk when we’re first introduced to the Probe Droid in Empire Strikes Back?

A super stylish look and some of the best sound design of the whole series helps push the Probe Droid above.

10. 0-0-0

Triple 0 is basically C-3PO, but if he was a murderous assassin droid with absolutely no remorse. Introduced in the Darth Vader comic alongside Doctor Aphra.

From his demonic red eyes to his witty sense of humor, Triple 0 is the perfect droid to work alongside the fearsome Darth Vader.

9. IG-88

IG-88 is the original assassin droid in the series, and one of the most fearsome bounty hunters in the entire galaxy.

The rogue IG series droid was one of the bounty hunters hired by Vader to track down the Millenium Falcon, and while he may not have succeeded in that goal, his exploits are well-known in the extended universe.

IG-88’s backstory is intense, as he realized his desire to kill from the moment of activation, leading him to murder every single person in the lab where he was created.

8. BD-1

BD-1 is the latest addition to the droid family, but he might just be the cutest out there. This little bipedal droid joins padawan Cal Kestus in Fallen Order, on his quest to find the Jedi Holocron.

BD-1 is an incredibly talented droid, helping Cal unlock doors, hack Imperial droids, and much more. It helps that the beeps and boops he emits are just so darn cute. Hopefully, BD-1 pops up again sometime, because it’d be a darn shame for it not to.

7. K-2SO

K-2SO is probably the most sarcastic droid in the entire franchise, and that’s really saying something when you’re going up against C-3PO. The smarmy droid, played by Alyn Tudyk, helps bring a lot of heart and humor to Rogue One.

Past the personality, K-2SO also helped introduced the Imperial Security Droid, which would be used in later properties like Jed: Fallen Order. Easily the best part of Rogue One, K-2SO is also one of the most lovable droids of the franchise.

6, Battle Droids

Battle Droids have provided countless laughs through both the films and the Clone Wars. Somehow both pathetic and intimidating, Battle Droids became walking punch line after a while.

From the way they always lament their own doom to how they constantly criticize their own commanders, the Clone Wars did a lot to make Battle Droids even more likable.

5. BB-8

BB-8 is one of the stars of the sequel trilogy, and he instantly rolled into fan’s hearts. In the spirit of R2-D2 BB-8 constantly saves the day, and has some pretty good humor to boot.

The droid is absolutely adorable with his roly-poly body and high-pitched boops, and it shows that the franchise can still nail practical effects.

4. Chopper (C1-10P)

C1-10P is affectionately known as Chopper (or Chop) by the Ghost Crew in Star Wars Rebels, and he’s one unique droid. Chopper is a spirited little guy and often causes trouble or straight-up insults the other main characters, creating some great comedic moments.

He gets the Ghost Crew in some tight spots by being a bumbling droid, but when the chips are down he’s also there to save the day.

3. HK-47

When a droid calls all humans “meatbags,” you know it’s a good droid. The hilarious HK-47 assassin droid joins your party in Knights of the Old Republic, and he’s far and away the best character in the game.

HK-47 is definitely loyal but he’s not afraid to point out your many character flaws, and bringing him along in your adventure is a constant stream of one-liners and comedy.

2. C-3PO

You can’t talk about Star Wars droids without going back to where everything began, the first characters we’re introduced to. C-3PO is the charming obnoxious droid we all know and love, and who will always tell you the odds.

C-3PO is an iconic part of Star Wars, practically inseparable from it. The droid’s worrywart personality plays perfectly off of the heroes of the franchise, and C-3PO will always be a beloved character.

1. R2-D2

The only droid more iconic than C-3PO is his trusty companion R2-D2, the real hero of the series. Throughout the films R2 has basically saved every single hero, and he’s the smartest, craftiest Astromech around.

It’s interesting, really, as R2-D2 is probably the only thing in Star Wars as iconic as Darth Vader’s helmet or the lightsaber. Everyone knows R2, even if they aren’t huge Star Wars fans

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