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10 Switch Games Under $20 You Should Buy

celeste, switch, $20, deal, nintendo, matt makes games, best

10 Switch Games Under $20 You Should Buy

Switch Games Under $20 You Should Buy

Celeste ($19.99)

Celeste, Switch, Nintendo, Matt Makes Games, deals, $20, 2018

Celeste is one of the biggest surprises of the year and it’s right at home on the Switch. While it may look like just another retro-inspired platformer, Celeste offers a much more polished, accessible and emotionally impactful experience than other games in its genre. The game constantly adds and builds off of mechanics, creating a platformer that always feels fresh.

While Celeste is a difficult game, it’s also manageable. You will die a lot, but the checkpoints are fairly forgiving and you almost always know what you did wrong when you fail. You have to earn each stage, but the experience isn’t as brutal as some other 2D platformers. This gameplay is mixed with a surprisingly strong narrative about the main character, Madeline, and her experience battling anxiety and depression and finding happiness. In fact, we like Madeline so much that we included her in the top 10 protagonists of this console generation.

For $20, Celeste is a no-brainer for a Switch game that can be played in small chunks throughout your day.

Hollow Knight ($15)

Hollow Knight, Switch, Nintendo, Team Cherry, deal, $20

The Metroidvania genre is one of the most celebrated in gaming, and Hollow Knight is the genre’s perfect modern evolution. Hollow Knight’s art is beautiful and its eerie and mysterious world, filled with talking bugs and viscous monsters, is just begging to be explored.

Gameplay is also a huge strength for Hollow Knight. The loop of discovering new areas, fighting off enemies and unlocking skills that greatly change your play style is fun and compelling. The game also certainly doesn’t hold your hand. Getting lost and defeated is part of the fun, and make the moments of triumph all the better.

With a surprisingly long playtime and a stunning world to explore, Hollow Knight is an essential addition to your Switch library.

Overcooked Special Edition ($19.99)

overcooked, switch, nintendo, $20, deal, multiplayer

If you’re looking for a cheap and fun party game that will help you lose your friendships, Overcooked has you covered. Overcooked is a multiplayer game where players work together to operate a kitchen. Everyone must claim their role whether it’s chopping tomatoes, cooking meat, washing dishes or running plates to the customers. With all kinds of interruptions like moving platforms, slippery floors or even rats that will steal your food, Overcooked always devolves into beautiful chaos.

The Switch serves as a great couch co-op machine, and breaking off a few Joy-Cons to play up to four players on Overcooked is a blast. Also, the more players you have the more fun the experience is, so we suggest getting four players if possible. $20 is a great price for what is sure to give you multiple nights of enjoyment with your friends.

Undertale ($14.99)

Undertale, Switch, Nintendo, deal, $20

Undertale is a standout indie RPG and easily one of the most unique games we’ve played. Undertale turns RPG tropes on their head, and its self-aware cleverness permeates through its humor, game design and story. The game can be played in different ways, offering a significantly different experience depending on how you decide to play.

Another plus for Undertale is its simple yet charming art style. With its simplistic pixel art and old-school aspect ratio, Undertale looks like a loving throwback to RPGs of old. However, while its visuals might look old, the game tackles very modern issues such as depression, anxiety and the intricacies of human personality.

The Switch is a great place to play pixel art RPGs like Undertale, and with a length of 8 to 10 hours, Undertale is a great game to knock out in a few sittings. We think $15 is worth it to see what all the hype is about.

Sonic Mania ($19.99)

Sonic Mania, Nintendo, Switch, Sega, $20, deals

Starting as a fan game, Sonic Mania was picked up and officially released by Sega and is now considered one of the iconic hedgehog’s best outings ever. As we said last year, while it might sound cliched, Sonic Mania is a love letter to Sonic fans. Going back to the series 2D roots, Mania features a combination of remastered levels from older games and all new areas.

Mania is the perfect package for hardcore fans and newcomers alike. The remastered content does justice to the Genesis games, allowing for an accurate representation of gaming history, while the new content offers enough variety and advancements to not feel dated for modern gamers. Simply put, Sonic Mania is the best way to experience 2D Sonic.

Especially compared to the $40 Sonic Forces that released the same year and wasn’t great, $20 for Sonic Mania is a good deal.

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