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Rainbow Six Siege: Top 10 Best Operators to Use

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege: Top 10 Best Operators to Use

Despite facing a considerably rough release back in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is more popular than ever. Whether it’s casual, ranked, or even professionally (eSports), Ubisoft’s competitive shooter has seen a considerable, steady player base for the game for the past three years now.

A lot of this success can be attributed to the fact that Ubisoft has continually updated Rainbow Six Siege over that time period, adding new characters and maps to make things fresh. Depending on what version of the game you purchased, as well as the credits you’ve accrued in game, you have access to over 40 different characters in the game, split between attack and defense. These are 10 of the best operators to use from those 40+.


As an objective based game, Rainbow Six Siege is all about having the multiple angles on site, as defenders can’t cover them all. Buck and his Skeleton Key gadget rank as the most versatile of all perks when it comes to opening up different lines of site. Unlike Sledge, who can only bust open areas within swinging range, Buck is able to open any soft breachable surface, high or low. Shoot out the enemy from above or below, adding to the different possible areas in which they can be shot from. Enemies don’t stand a chance from those angles when he equips his powerful, yet unstable, C8 assault rifle.


Information and subterfuge are one of the many different ways to defend a site in Rainbow Six Siege. Thanks to Alibi’s three deployable Prisma clones, she is able to trick and track attackers for a short period of time. Anything that passes through her Prismas will automatically reveal and follow the enemies location for five seconds, working as an auto scanner of sorts. Placing these at windows and in other entryways is an important way to locate which way an enemy team, or an even straggler, is coming from so your team can prepare. The high rate of fire on Alibi’s Mx4 Storm submachine gun also makes short range encounters no contest.


Vision is vital in any shooter, especially against aggressive players. In terms of rushers, no attacker beats Zofia and her KS79 Lifeline. This grenade launcher perk is a dual wielding combination of Ash’s M120 Crem breaching rounds and Ela’s Grzmot Mines. The ability to enter through a soft location and shoot in concussive rounds, all from a distance, often results in the GROM attacker being able to clear out a room all by herself. Zofia is also one of the only characters stubborn enough to be able to pick herself up when downed, thanks to her Withstand perk.  


Operators like Glaz and Fuse can cause mayhem with their gadgets, either blinding or killing anyone anchoring the objective. That is why Jager’s three Active Defense Systems (ADS) are pivotal to holding down an area. These gadgets will stop and destroy enemy grenades, enabling the defense to hold and not give away their position. On top of his defensive capabilities, Jager’s 416-C carbine is arguably the most powerful gun of any character on the defense, making him an effective anchor or roamer because of the damage he can deal.

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