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Overwatch: All Brigitte Skins (Legendary, Epic, etc.)


Overwatch: All Brigitte Skins (Legendary, Epic, etc.)

After a much shorter buildup of teases and hype, Overwatch’s latest hero has finally hit the PTR in the form of Brigitte. Brigitte is yet another support hero that still packs plenty of punch in the form of her Rocket Flail that can hit multiple enemies at once. Of course, as a support hero first and foremost, Brigitte is all about lending a helping hand to her teammates. She can throw out repair packs to help heal teammates, and automatically heal nearby teammates when attacking with her Rocket Flail. She’s also got a Whip Shot variant of this, allowing her to deal damage and knock enemies away from her. Perfect when your opponents are just getting too up close and personal with you in Overwatch.

Overwatch’s Brigitte also comes equipped with an effective barrier shield that absorbs a limited amount of damage. Much like Reinhardt’s in a way. Finally, Brigitte’s Ultimate in Overwatch is her Rally. This gives her a hefty short-term boost to her speed, and equips all nearby teammates with armor that last until it’s remove by enemy damage. Not too shabby at all.

As such, Brigitte is another effective hero that you can use in Overwatch. Here are all the skins that she’s currently got in the PTR just in case you want to customize her look a little bit.

And there you have all of the new skins for Overwatch’s latest hero. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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