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Overwatch: All Orisa Skins & Legendary Skins


Overwatch: All Orisa Skins & Legendary Skins

Overwatch: all orisa skins and legendary skins

overwatch has added a new hero to the roster: orisa, a robot controlled by a little girl. like all other overwatch characters on release, she comes with skins, some simple recolors, and others cool epic upgrades to her original look. here, we’ll showcase all orisa regular and legendary skins, so that you can already know which to buy once this hero comes to the full game.

this hero is playable now on the overwatch Public test realm, where you can view her hero gallery in awe. her skins are mostly recolors, because it’s kind of hard to make cool new looks for a giant robot centaur. we don’t envy you this job, blizzard.

perhaps the best is her protector skin, complete with a neon green visor and sleek chrome finish. we also love dynistae, and its robo claws on its feet.

which of the new hero orisa legendary skins is your favorite? leave us a comment below letting us know which price is right, and which you’ll be picking up when she releases. remember, you’ll also be able to get orisa skins from loot boxes, which you collect upon leveling up or completing special modes in overwatch. the latter is the best way to get loot boxes.

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