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20 Best No Man’s Sky Mods You Can’t Play Without


20 Best No Man’s Sky Mods You Can’t Play Without

Mod the journey.

No Man’s Sky had quite the rocky launch, but nonetheless a lot has changed since then. Not only on the developers side, neither. The modding community has managed to make No Man’s Sky truly shine thanks to the help of the mods they’ve created. If you’re looking for the best No Man’s Sky mods, here are the best No Man’s Sky mods you can’t play without.

Fast Actions – Hate having to click and hold on your mouse to perform even the most basic actions in No Man’s Sky? So do we. Here’s a mod to fix that. Check it out here.

LowFlight – This mod will allow you to fly as close as possible to the planetary surface while in your starship. You can even fly underwater. Check it out here.

ShutUp – Here’s an incredibly aptly named mod. If you want your Exosuit Siri voice to shut up about your life support levels every five seconds, you really should check out this mod.

Super Hyperdrive – If you want to make your journey a little easier, you can increase your Hyperdrive range by multiplying it by 1000. Check out the mod here.

No HUD – For a more immersive experience, this mod allows you to turn off the HUD completely while journeying through No Man’s Sky. Check it out here.

Explorer Mod – No Man’s Sky can get a little tedious because of your slow running speed and slow jetpack recharge speed. This mod will make exploration a little easier for you. Check it out here.

NMS Launcher – Sometimes, you just want to be able to jump into different save files and explore all corners of the galaxy in No Man’s Sky. This mod will allow you to do that. Check it out here.

Increase Animal Spawn Rate – If your planets are a little too barren for your liking, this mod will increase the animal spawn rate in your locations. Check it out here.

Colorful Warp – This mod will change up the colors that you see while warping to have a nice rainbow effect. Check it out here.

Lens Flare Remover: Lens flare isn’t for everyone, and this mod can remove that effect so it doesn’t hurt your eyes. Check it out here.

Remove Discovered Building Icons – This mod will clear out your HUD of all the annoying icons that take up screen space after you’ve discovered buildings on your planet. Check it out here.

Shipswap – If you hate the look of your ship, this mod will allow you to change its appearance to any of the other ship classes available in the game. Check it out here.

Star Trek Font Replacer – If you really want to feel like a true explorer in space, this mod will change up the game’s fonts to the ones you see in Star Trek. Check it out here.

All Drones Are Walkers – Tired of seeing the same old tiny Sentinels in your planets? This mod will change all Sentinels on the planet to the large walkers. Check it out here.

Our list of the best No Man’s Sky Mods continues below!

Nyan Cat Space Stations – To add some life to your space stations, this mod will theme them so that they all sport the Nyan Cat colors. Sweet. Check it out here.

Destiny Font Mod – If you just can’t get enough of Destiny, and you want more Destiny in your No Man’s Sky, this font mod should help you out a little. Check it out here.

Retro Power Binoculars – No Man’s Sky has a pretty nice color palette and art style, but this visual mod will enhance that effect even further. Check it out here.

Reduced Launch Cost – To save you a bit of trouble, this mod will help you save up on Plutonium by reducing the amount needed for your starship to launch. Check it out here.

Just Binoculars – This mod will give you a more gritty feel by replacing your scan binoculars with an actual pair of binoculars. Check it out here.

DualShock Button Replacement for Xbox – If you’re using a DualShock controller to play No Man’s Sky on PC, this button replacement mod should help you out a little. Check it out here.

No Random Sentinels – Sentinels will not appear when you’re exploring a planet as per normal. Check out the mod here.

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