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Meet the Voice Actors of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s Cast

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Meet the Voice Actors of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s Cast

The actors that delivered stunning performances in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Voice actor Laura Bailey has an esteemed career within the video game industry. She’s among the most recognizable female voices in gaming and there are few actors with such extensive experience. Bringing to life Nadine with a convincing South African accent, Bailey proves her diverse vocal range.

Uncharted fans will be stoked to hear the familiar Australian accent of Claudia Black, who reprises her role as Chloe Frazer in Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Black was a standout voice actor in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and she delivers a similarly punchy performance in Lost Legacy. You might also remember her from a science fiction show called Farscape, which first aired back in the late nineties. She also appeared in Stargate, another brilliant nineties TV show. In addition to her on-camera work, Black has featured in numerous video game franchises, from Final Fantasy to Call of Duty.

Troy Baker needs little introduction. Arguably the most prolific voice actor in the video game industry, Baker has brought to life some of most iconic video game characters over the past decade. Pagan Min, Batman, the Joker, Delsin Rowe, Joel, the list goes on. Sam Drake makes a surprise appearence in The Lost Legacy and once again finds himself in world of trouble.

Meenu is an all new Uncharted character, making her debut in The Lost Legacy. Without digging into any spoilers, she’s a young girl that Chloe meets while shopping in India, and she later proves resourceful beyond just her bartering skills. Tierra Rorls plays Meenu, which marks her own debut voicing a character in a video game. Rorls previous work only includes a yet-to-be-released drama called Peeking Out the Window.

Usman Ally plays Asav, and suitably, he’s somewhat of a bad-guy specialist. Having played a range of antagonists, from a cutthroat Hollywood executive, to a high profile political figure, and a villain set in a dark fantasy world, Obie Award-winning actor Usman Ally can be seen in some of the most talked about projects on television. There’s no doubt he does the calm sinister voice superbly well as Asav in The Lost Legacy.

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