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Meet the Voice Actors of Resident Evil 2’s Voice Cast


Meet the Voice Actors of Resident Evil 2’s Voice Cast

Here Is the Voice Cast of Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 returns with a sublime remake from Capcom. In our review, we concluded that it was by the far the best Resident Evil game to date and sets a new benchmark for remakes. In particular, we loved the production quality of this latest game, which improves the story with better voice acting and dialogue. Here, we’re taking a look at the voice actor’s of Resident Evil 2’s voice cast.

1. Leon S. Kennedy – Nick Apostolides

Nick Apostolides is an American actor from Boston. His resume spans the best part of a decade, in which he’s performed roles in short films, movies, and TV. His career as a video game voice actor, though, only began recently, when he joined the cast of Life is Strange Before the Storm and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

2. Claire Redfield – Stephanie Panisello

Stephanie Panisello has a resume that includes several notable video game voice acting roles, including a closely related cousin to Resident Evil 2: The Evil Within 2. That performance, though, as is the case with her work on DOOM, Final Fantasy XV, and Tomb Raider, have all been additional voices, mo-cap, or “miscellaneous crew.”<br><br>

Claire Redfield is Panisello’s biggest role in a video game so far by a long shot. She does an excellent job, drawing on her experiences in TV and short film to bring Claire’s character to life.

3. Ada Wong – Jolene Andersen

Jolene Anderson is best known for her roles in TV shows such as Queen of the South, Prodigy, and Drone Wars. Her video game voice actor experience is limited, having only played the role of Sophia in Rise of the Tomb Raider previously, as well as Briggs in Titanfall 2.

4. Sherry Birkin – Eliza Pryor

Young actress Eliza Pryor has only been a professional for less than two years. Her performances are limited to TV roles in shows such as Alexa & Katie, Raven’s Home, and Are You Sleeping.

5. Marvin Branagh – Christopher Watson

Lieutenant Marvin Branagh lasts a bit longer in the remade Resident Evil 2 than he did in the original, and has plenty more to say too. He’s voiced by Christopher Watson, an actor whose resume seems to only include voice work for Red Dead Redemption as the town’s local populace.

6. Brian Irons – Sid Carton

Chief Brian Irons is voiced by Sid Carton in the remake. We weren’t able to find any additional information about Carton’s career other than this most recent credit.

7. Annette Birkin – Karen Strassman

With a resume spanning thirty years as an actress, Karen Strassman is the most experienced member of the cast. Her most notable work includes TV shows Preacher, Silicon Valley, and The Onania Club. But it’s her extensive track-record working on video games that is most relevant here, which includes games like World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, and Call of Duty: Black Ops to name a few.

8. William Birkin – TJ Rotolo

Terence J. Rotolo is an accomplished stuntman, having worked on Hollywood movies since the 90s. He’s featured in movies like The Scorpion King, and Master and Commander, and he was one of the lead stuntmen in the original Power Rangers TV show for over 80 episodes.<br><br>
How ironic, then, that he plays the nerdy scientist William Birkin in Resident Evil 2! That’s the diversity voice acting offers, we suppose…

That does it for the voice actor’s of Resident Evil 2’s voice cast. Check out our extensive guide wiki for more information on the game.

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