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Meet the Voice Actors of Layers of Fear 2’s Voice Cast

meet the voice cast of Layers of fear 2, voice actors

Meet the Voice Actors of Layers of Fear 2’s Voice Cast

The unsettling and psychological indie horror game, Layers of Fear 2, is finally out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. There are several characters that you meet throughout the game and if you’re wondering who the voice actors are, then we have you covered. Meet the voice actors of Layer of Fear’s 2 voice cast.

Meet the Voice Actors of Layer of Fear 2’s Voice Cast

Tony Todd – Director

Tony Todd is an actor mostly known for his role in the Final Destination film franchise as William and for his role in the Candyman trilogy. He’s also worked on several animated television series such as Young Justice and Transformers: Prime.

Coco Lefkow – Lily

Coco Lefkow doesn’t seem to have much experiencing with voice acting, acting in general, but she provided her talents on Horizon: Zero Dawn as well as a game called Silence.

James Watts – James

We couldn’t find a ton of info on James Watts, but it seems that his role of James in Layers of Fear 2 might be his first video game credit ever.

Laurel Lefkow – Rat Queen

Laurel Lefkow is an actress who provides her voice talents to Layers of Fear 2 for the role of Rat Queen. She’s also provided her voice in Aliens vs. Predator (2010) in her portrayal as Katya.

Glen McCready – Narrator/Sinners’ Souls

Glen McCready is a classically trained voice actor who is quite versatile in the roles that he has played.
You can find him voicing multiple characters in Tropico 5, Risen 3, Total War: Warhammer, and Robinson: The Journey.

Andrew Wincott – Father/Projectionist

Andrew Wincott is a British voice actor who has lent his talents to voice characters such as Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter), Anthony Goodwin (Anno 2205), and The Voice (Victor Vran). He voices the father and the projectionist in Layers of Fear 2.

Jules de Jongh – Adult Lilly

Jules de Jongh is another British voice actress who has lent her talents to many video games over the years. You might have heard her voice in games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Brighid), Star Wars: Battlefront II, and Mass Effect: Andromeda (Cora Harper).

Christopher Ragland – Adult James

Christopher Ragland plays the voice of Adult James in Layers of Fear 2, but this is definitely not his first time voicing a video game character. Chris has also lent his voice talents to Horizon: Zero Dawn, Anno 2205, and LEGO The Incredibles.

Ben Whitehead – Journalist

Ben Whitehead plays the Journalist in Layers of Fear 2, but before he sunk his teeth into this horror game, he lent his voice to a bunch of Wallace and Gromit video games.

Martin Sherman – Agent/Photographer

The first time that Martin Sherman ever voiced a video game character was his role in Pac-Man in Pac-Man World 3. He’s also voiced characters in several video games such as Little Big Planet 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Crysis 3.

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