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Meet the Voice Actors of Just Cause 4’s Voice Cast

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Meet the Voice Actors of Just Cause 4’s Voice Cast

Meet the Voice Actors of Just Cause 4’s Voice Cast

Rico Rogriguez – Orion Acaba

Orion Acaba is the voice actor for Rico Rodriguez for the first time in Just Cause 4, taking over for Kevin Collins. However, he’s a pretty experienced actor in the realm of video games playing Nine in Final Fantasy Type-0, Apollo Justice in Spirit of Justice, and smaller parts in other games like Uncharted 4 and Persona 5.

Elizabeth Maxwell – Mira

Mira Morales is Rico’s closest ally and confidant in Just Cause 4, and she’s played by Elizabeth Maxwell. If you watch anime you’ve no doubt heard Maxwell before as she’s the voice actor of Ymir in Attack on Titan, Midnight in My Hero Academia, and more recently Albedo in Overlord.

Bradford Hastings – Sheldon

Tom Sheldon is a recurring character in the Just Cause series, a Texan and Rico’s former commanding officer and friend. This time around he’s played by Bradford Hastings, who has a smaller list of credits for shorts, but also worked as a composer on most of them.

Robbie Daymond – Oscar

Robbie Daymond has become a big name in the world of games and anime, playing Prompto in Final Fantasy XV, Gilthunder in The Seven Deadly Sins, and most recently Hunter in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. In Just Cause 4 he takes the role of Oscar Espinosa, the brother of Gabriela and one the game’s early villains.

Fryda Wolff – Gabriela

Fryda Wolff has a long list of roles in video games and animation, but you might most recently recognize her as the voice actor for Tressa in Octopath Traveler, or as Maddie in the Spectrum Retreat. Wolff plays the role of Gabriela Espinosa in Just Cause 4, the main antagonists of the game used in much of its marketing.

Eddie Ramos – Sargento

Eddie Ramos has mostly been a TV actor up until now, with roles like Lucas on Teen Wolf and Theo in Incorporated. Just Cause 4 is his first role for a video game where he plays Sargento, a resident of Solis and important member of the resistance.

Tony Amendola – Lanzo

Tony Amendola is a well-known actor that you might recognize first and foremost as Master Bra’tac in Stargate. However, he’s also known for playing Don Luiz in The Mask of Zorro and Father Perez in Annabelle. For Just Cause 4 he plays Lanzo, a friend of Rico’s father and a major figure in the game’s story.

Joe Zieja – Ceaser

Joe Zieja has a good bit of experience voice acting in anime, playing roles like Liza Enza in Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. He also was the voice actor Skull Kid in the fan film Majora’s Mask: Terrible Fate, and even voiced Fox in the official animation promoting Star Fox Zero, Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins. He plays Cesar in Just Cause 4, an ally for Rico who helps him improve gear and vehicles.

Misty Lee – Garland

Garland is a movie director who asks Rico to do stunts for her in Just Cause 4, leading to some fun moments. She’s played by Misty Lee, who you’ll probably recognize as Agent Daisy in Agents of Mayhem, or the Sorceress in the recently released Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

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