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15 Anime That Have to Make an Appearance in Jump Force


15 Anime That Have to Make an Appearance in Jump Force

With a brand new crossover game coming, here is a list of the anime we hope get represented. There are plenty to choose from but we’ve given it a bash.

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime of all time, seeing Gon and Killua here would be absolutely amazing. Gon’s sheer strength and speed would make for some incredible action, plus seeing the Jajanken in this style would be stunning. Killua’s electric abilities would no doubt be stunning as well, whether he was wielding his yo-yos or not he would be able to hold his own against the other fighters.

Look, we all want to know who would win in a fight between Saitama and Goku don’t we?

The chance to watch everyone’s favourite bored superhero throwing down with the other Jump titans is one that should not be missed. Of course he would have to be nerfed because actually winning a fight in one punch would make for some boring gameplay. You could easily have other high ranking heroes as well, the variety of characters in the show could fill a game all on it’s own.

Sure we are getting a standalone title for this series, but you can’t tell me you don’t want to see Midoriya, Todoroki, and Asui duking it out in the centre of a big city. Of course there is a huge roster of characters to choose from, but it would be tricky to make the likes of Uraraka playable in an entertaining way.


The subject matter in Tokyo Ghoul is a little more adult, a little more horror, and hell, a little more ghoulish than some of the other Jump titles. But seeing any Kagune in the same style that Jump Force has shown so far would look amazing. The character choices here beyond Kaneki/Haise himself is tricky, but we only need one character really.

Meliodas could be a hugely technical character. His main power is in counterattacking opponents, turning their own strengths against them, but if his health gets too low he could go berserk and into full demon form.

Seeing the pint sized Sin in action would be great, you could even have Hawk as an assist character.

Having Vash the Stampede stumbling his way into a gigantic, potentially world ending conflict would fit the character like a nice red coat.

He would make a great ranged character and his dodge animations could just be him fumbling about. Once you’ve added in his special abilities you have a really cool character that is more than deserving of a resurgence.

Much like Hunter X Hunter this is a series that is filled with unfortunate hiatuses. So having a little side quest for the characters would be absolutely wonderful. Allen Walker would be an auto include of course, with his evil arm making for a great basic weapon and his Crown Clown would be a fantastic alternative form. Once again, there are plenty of characters here so I am not sure if I would rather see Lenalee or Lavi, but any of them would do.

We don’t need Papillion in a thong, it’s important to state that right away.

With a wide array of abilites there are lots of choices here. Kazuki is a natural choice of course, but what about Moon Face, or Captain Bravo?

The characters are all pretty bonkers even for an anime, and they give the chance to have some comedic relief in what may end up being a very serious story. Of course seeing their abilities clashing up against ninjutsu would be awesome as well.

Seeing the famous backwards blade wielding swordsman up against some of the super powered characters from other series would be incredible. There aren’t all that many weapon users that would hold their own in the fray but you can bet that Kenshin would be able to.

With the huge selection of Shinigami, Quincy, and Arrancar to choose from, managing to only pick a couple of characters would be a huge challenge. Ichigo would no doubt be a great choice, with his Bankai being an incredibly showy finishing move. Maybe we could have Ishida attacking from afar as well?

Fairy Tail has some really interesting abilites to choose from as well. Natsu is a natural fit, but what about have Erza constantly changing her weapons, or Lucy summoning the different Zodiacs into battle?

Fairy Tail has some of the most visually impressive abilities and seeing them in play in our world would be absolutely mind blowing.

In terms of power the only character from this series that could really survive is Korosensei. His speed and power, not to mention his peculiar appearance, would be perfectly at home amongst the other denizens of the Jump multiverse. He would also stand out massively as one of the strangest creatures they could add in.

Being half demon is kind of a running theme in anime, but being the actual son of the devil?

Well that makes for a more interesting idea, and some more interesting characters to boot. Having Rin with his demonic nature always on display would be great to see, but what if you also included the mysterious Mephisto as well?

Naturally plenty of the characters here would be great in Jump Force, but maybe Death the Kid would be the most entertaining? Seeing him freaking out about the lack of symmetry in the world as it falls apart around the battle could be immensely funny.

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