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14 Things to Expect From Horizon Zero Dawn


14 Things to Expect From Horizon Zero Dawn

The Boltcaster is fantastic – horizon zero dawn gameplay features

Horizon Zero Dawn’s most unique weapon is the Boltcaster, a gun that shoots a rope onto an enemy and then plants the other end into the ground. You can use this to incapacitate machines both large and small, leaving them vulnerable for a critical arrow shot.

The bow is a joy to use- horizon zero dawn gameplay features

Unlike most games that feature bow action, Horizon’s bow doesn’t suck. Aiming and shooting is mechanically solid, and never stops being fun.

Aloy is a likable protagonist- horizon zero dawn gameplay features

Aloy travels a natural arc throughout the main story, developing from an awkward outsider to a knowledgeable hunter alongside the player. She’s likeable in all the right ways, and a great protagonist for Guerrilla’s new franchise.

The world is gorgeous- horizon zero dawn gameplay features

Horizon doesn’t skimp out on the environments, filling every inch of its massive world with detail. The machines themselves are a marvel of moving plates and cables, but its the flora that really shine, especially on the PS4 Pro.

No, like, really damn gorgeous

You can take a look at some PS4 Pro screenshots over here, and check out the varied terrains of Horizon’s world. The deserts glow a hot orange, hundreds of blades of grass catch sunlight individually, and views stretch for miles atop high mountains.

There’s a lot of background lore- horizon zero dawn gameplay features

Collectibles and datapoints around the game feed into Horizon’s story, clearing up details about this strange earth’s past and current state. If you want to get the most out of the experience, we recommend a thorough approach to exploration.


Hunting Grounds provide a lot of challenge

Dotted around the world are Hunting Grounds, special challenge zones that will offer you the chance to prove your skills in special tasks. If you’re successful, you’ll be rewarded and work your way towards unlocking cooler equipment for Aloy.

You should see at least a couple dozen hours of play. – horizon zero dawn gameplay features

Finishing Horizon’s main story, while completing around 20 side quests and grabbing collectibles along the way, took us just under 30 hours. Even after that, there was plenty of content to tackle, including more collectibles, quests, and Hunting Grounds challenges.

Combat requires strategy

Horizon’s combat can be pretty wild, with enemies wielding a variety of tools for smashing, crunching, and exploding you. To survive, you’ll have to take into account each machine’s elemental weaknesses and physical components. Can you tear the missile launchers off the robot T-rex before its tail tears you in half? It’s up to you to employ the right combination of weapons and techniques to survive.

Errands are boring, but side quests are interesting- horizon zero dawn gameplay features

The open-world does feature your typical fetch quest fare in the form of errands. The side quests, however, can be genuinely engaging. Keep an eye out for NPCs with more unique adventures to send you on.



Your currency is your primary ammo

Metal Shards serve as not only your currency in Horizon Zero Dawn, but a main crafting component. You’ll need them to make traps and ammo for most of your weapons. The dual function makes balancing out your cash with your ability to fight a fairly unique challenge.


Mugs are highly valuable

One of the game’s collectibles are Ancient Vessles, prized relics of an extinct civilization, and known to us as mugs. Luckily, local tribes are fascinated with mugs, and you can trade them in to a special merchant for rewards.


You can override machines, but not many at first

If you sneak up to a machine, you may be able to “tame” it, turning it into a handy mount or an ally in battle. You won’t have this power over all of Horizon’s creatures, though if you’re diligent, you will be able to unlock more override options down the line.

Your Focus will be hugely important

Aloy’s Focus tool allows her to scan the world, picking up vital information and displaying it on your HUD. You’ll be able to see machine patrol routes as well as detailed breakdowns of their weak points. The Focus will also act as your translation tool, opening both you and Aloy up to this world’s past.


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