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Check Out Horizon Zero Dawn’s Gorgeous World in These PS4 Pro Screenshots


Check Out Horizon Zero Dawn’s Gorgeous World in These PS4 Pro Screenshots

From desert plains to snowy mountaintops.

With Horizon Zero Dawn’s release almost within reach, PS4 owners will justifiably be incredibly excited about jumping into the game. While you’re fighting your way through all of the different machines in Horizon Zero Dawn, however, you’ll often find you attention is distracted by the lush, stunning world that the whole thing takes place in. Whether you’re hunting a pack of Grazers, or simply surveying the horizon from the top of a cliff, it’s not uncommon to want to just sit and stare in awe at the screen. Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine is certainly being put to good use in Horizon Zero Dawn, and its visuals make the exciting combat and intriguing story all the more immersive.

In order to celebrate the game’s pending release, we’ve put together a quick gallery of some of our favorite panoramic views from around Horizon Zero Dawn’s world to get you suitably hyped. We’ve included a mix of the environments you’ll be exploring, from harsh deserts to cloud-bathed mountain tops, and if you look close enough, you can see the insane level of detail that Guerrilla has put into Aloy’s clothing and design.

Horizon Zero Dawn will release on PS4 on Feb. 28, and we strongly recommend you do. You can check out our full review, here.


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