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Here’s the Death Note Live-Action Movie Cast of Actors


Here’s the Death Note Live-Action Movie Cast of Actors

Hello, L.

Fans of Death Note will know Yagami Light as the young man who discovers the eponymous item and goes on a spree of delivering his own brand of justice to those he deems evil. For the upcoming Netflix movie, Light will now be known as Light Turner and will be played by Nat Wolf who is mostly known for his roles as Quentin in Paper Towns and Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars.

Keith Stanfield has seen a lot of the limelight recently with his roles in Selma, The Purge: Anarchy, and most notably, his job as Snoop in Straight Outta Compton. He is playing a decidedly different role in Death Note as he brings L, the genius detective out to stop the rampant killings.

Margaret Qualley will be playing the role of Mia Sutton (Misa Amane in the Death Note anime and manga). Mia is a young TV personality that gets wrapped up in the string of murders and the mystery of the Death Note.

The Death Note didn’t just appear out of thin air. It turns out that it belongs to a shinigami (a soul reaper) named Ryuk. This reaper will be played by none other than Willem Dafoe, an award-winning actor famous for his roles as Sgt. Elias in Platoon and the Green Goblin in Spider-Man.

The role of Anthony Skomal will be played by Artin John who’s appeared in iZombie and 2016’s The X-Files. It’s not clear what bearing on the story this character will have.

Light’s father, who is named James Turner in this live-action adaptation, will be played by Shea Whigham. You may recognize him from roles in Silver Linings Playbook, The Wolf of Wall Street, and American Hustle.

Paul Nakauchi has acted in short films, TV series, and even lent his voice to some animations and video games (most recently as Hanzo in the highly popular Overwatch). He will be playing the role of Watari, L’s handler.

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