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Top 10 Best Simulation Games to Play on Steam

best simulation games

Top 10 Best Simulation Games to Play on Steam

Best Simulation Games on Steam

If you’re looking for the best simulation games to play on Steam, we’ve got you covered.

Surgeon Simulator. Even to this day, Surgeon Simulator still stands out as one of the very best co-op simulation games you can play on Steam. Taking on the role of a surgeon, you’ll be tasked with operating on your patients with a series of very dangerous tools. Just be careful not to drop your phone on their lung or something.

Super Seducer 2. With the help of Richard, the most alpha of alpha males, you’ll be able to charm and seduce a whole variety of women. New to Super Seducer 2 is the ability to play as a woman as well, and you’ll need to pick the appropriate responses and dialogue options if you want to score a date.

Papers Please. If you’re looking for something a bit more serious, Papers Please is a fantastic simulation game that’s still held in high regard today. You take control of a border control officer in Arztotzka, where you’re tasked with scanning civilians and determining whether they’re fit to enter the country or not. As the game progresses further, you’ll be faced with more ethical and moral dilemmas, making this one of the most compelling simulation games you can play on Steam.

Best Simulation Games on Steam

Farming Simulator. Farming Simulator has a pretty insane cult following, and for good reason too. This is one of the most relaxing simulation games on Steam, and you’ll do exactly as the title suggests: farm. You’ll get to customize your tractors, reap your harvests, and watch as your profits continue to grow as healthily as your crops.

Planet Coaster. If you’ve always wanted to run your very own theme park, Planet Coaster is a good one to pick up. Planet Coaster gives players a ton of freedom when it comes to customizing their theme park, and it’s incredibly fun to plan your layouts, and see which attractions look good next to each other. There are tons of mods available for the game as well, which should improve its longevity.

Job Simulator. Just in case your real life job isn’t quite enough for you, Job Simulator is a funny, tongue-in-cheek simulation game to check out in your spare time. You’ll be able to get up to all sorts of shenanigans, including eating all the food in the office kitchen, throwing stuff at your boss, and stacking items on top of each other. Because everyone’s always just that bored at work.

Best Simulation Games on Steam

Two Point Hospital. The recently released Two Point Hospital is a fantastic hospital simulation game to check out if you were a fan of Theme Hospital. Players will get to organize the layout of their hospital to maximize the number of patients they can get at any point in time, in turn increasing their profits as well. Along the way, you’ll be diagnosing weird illnesses and trying to figure out innovative cures for them.

Football Manager 2018. For all the soccer fans out there, Football Manager 2018 is another solid choice to consider if you’re looking for simulation games to fill your time with. This latest iteration of Football Manager features over 600,000 real players and staff from the most popular football clubs in the world. You’ll be in charge of keeping an eye on the transfer market, nabbing the best players for your team, and organizing them to turn them into a champion team.

Euro Truck Simulator 2. The first Euro Truck Simulator was a bit of a surprise hit, and the sequel is even better. Euro Truck Simulator 2 allows you to drive across a variety of European cities while transporting expensive cargo. The idea here is to build an incredible freight delivery service that makes you a ton of money, while also customizing your trucks to make them look sweet.

Best Simulation Games on Steam

Dream Daddy. Yet another dating sim game to check out, Dream Daddy made quite the splash when it originally launched in 2017. You’ll play as a single gay dad with a daughter, who’s moved to a brand new neighborhood with tons of eligible gay dads for you to pursue. The premise sounds a little silly, but the story is actually rather heartwarming, especially when things get real between the player character and their daughter. Plus, the art style looks pretty crisp, too.

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