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All Resident Evil Games You Can Play

resident evil

All Resident Evil Games You Can Play

all resident evil games you can play

The Resident Evil series has been around since 1996 when the first ever game was released on the PlayStation. It helped to define the survival-horror genre and make it a mainstay in the industry, with many other series seeking to capture the same essence that made an instant classic.

Since then, the series has seen a lot of changes. There have still been survival-horror entries every now and then, but we’ve seen rail shooters, mobile games, third-person shooters, co-op experiences, and more. The series has even branched out to provide movies (live action and animated), books, and toys. After a long time of moving closer to the action side of things, Capcom decided to bring back to its roots with the recently released 7: Biohazard. here’s a list of all resident evil games

For the first time, players experience a numbered entry in the first-person view as they explore a creepy house inhabited by a murderous family. You’re not a trained soldier or member of law enforcement either. Just a man looking for his wife. Resident Evil 7 brings all the horror and ambiance fans of the originals will undoubtedly remember, and introduces some of the most memorable enemies in the series (Jack Baker anyone?). It’s different, with a much slower approach, but all the puzzles, resource management, and dark mystery are present and accounted for.

those are all the resident evil games, enjoy!

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