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All Old Pokemon Returning in Sun and Moon (Alola Forms)

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All Old Pokemon Returning in Sun and Moon (Alola Forms)

Familiar faces.

all the old pokemon returning in pokemon sun and moon

Sandshrew has changed into an Ice/ Steel type in order to adapt to the harsh environment of the snowy Alolan mountains. It has a shell of ice covering its skin that’s as tough as steel, allowing it to excel defensively.

Much like its earlier form, Sandshrew, Sandslash is an Ice and Steel-type that excels defensively. It’s slower than the original form Sandslash, but it does have the Snow Cloak ability.

Alolan Vulpix is an Ice type that can freeze anything solid by expelling breath at a temperature of −58 degrees Fahrenheit  from its mouth. It doesn’t fare well in the heat, but when the temperature gets too high, it produces ice from its tail to lower the surrounding temperature.

The Alolan Ninetales is an Ice and Fairy type able to produce ice crystals from the fur that covers its body. It can use these ice crystals to block attacks, or it can form balls of ice with them, which it fires like bullets at opponents. The power of these ice missiles is great enough to pulverize rock!

A Grass and Dragon type, Alolan Exeggutor sees a huge increase in the length of its neck due to the increased sunlight in the Alolan region. It also has a fourth head on its tail. This version of Exeggutor also has the Frisk ability.

Meowth appears as an old pokemon in pokemon Sun and Moon as a darker Alolan form. Apparently, the change came about when the first Meowths in Alola were given to the royal family and were constantly pampered, leading them to become selfish and prideful.

Just like Meowth, Persian’s type has changed to Dark too, thanks to its high opinion of itself. Its round face is a symbol of the rich Alola region. It has the Fur Coat or Technician abilities at its disposal when it comes to battle.

A Fire and Ghost type, Alolan Marowak can have the abilities Cursed Body or Lightning Rod. The change in type occurred thanks to the increased amount of Grass-type Pokemon in Alola. As these are the natural enemies of Marowak, it changed type to Fire and Ghost to gain the upper hand over them. pokemon from old games are all over sun and moon.

Diglett hasn’t changed much in appearance except for the little hairs on its head. These apparently provide a sensory function, enabling Alolan Diglett to scan the surrounding area without exposing their faces to the volcanic environment. Thanks to its whiskers, it has also become a Ground and Steel type.

Those little whiskers of hair of the Alolan Diglett have transformed into long locks of steel hair in Dugtrio. When it comes to battle, it can have either the Sand Veil or Tangling Hair abilities to give it the upper hand.

An Electric and Psychic-type in Alola, Raichu can gather their psychich power in their tailes and ride on them to float in the air. This Raichu revision also has the Surge Surfer ability.

In order to survive the Yungoos released to tackle the booming Rattata population, it became nocturnal changing it to a Dark and Normal-type Pokemon. It can have the Gluttony or Hustle ability when it comes to battling.

Just like Ratatta, Raticate has changed to a Dark and Normal-type Pokemon as part of their evolution against the Yungoos threat. They’re much larger than the original Raticate due to their high-calorie diet from living in urban areas. They too have the Gluttony or Hustle ability.

Having been brought in to tackle the garbage problem in the Alola region, Grimer changed type to a Poison and Dark type as an old pokemon in pokemon sun and moon. It can have either the Poison Touch or Gluttony abilities.

Eating whatever it can see, Muk’s change in appearance and type also comes from the various different toxins that have accumulated in its body from waste products and manufactured materials. It can also have Poison Touch or Gluttony as its ability.

Thanks to Pokemon Bank, you can actually get all 151 original Pokemon into Sun and Moon. You’ll just need to transfer them from your virtual console Red, Blue, or Yellow title. This also applies to any other Pokemon from different generations you may have in your Pokemon Bank. if you’re looking for old pokemon in sun and moon, this game has you covered.

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