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All 44 Games That Will Be PS4 Pro Compatible at Launch

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All 44 Games That Will Be PS4 Pro Compatible at Launch

So many pretty games.

The PS4 Pro is on the way and it plans on bringing 4K gaming, HDR colors, and loads of other upgrades to the PlayStation experience. The best part is that it will play all of the PS4 games you already own, keeping you right in the same ecosystem and even using the same network. The only difference is that your games will look faster and run better. In order to show off the power of the console that players are eagerly awaiting, there are a ton of games that will be either receiving patches or releasing fully compatible with the new hardware.

They won’t all use the power in the same way, but you can expect drastic improvements in at least one area of performance, whether that’s visuals, framerate, or boosting the VR experience.

The best part is that the PS4 Pro will offer an amazingly varied lineup of supported games right out of the gate including shooters, action games, RPGs, and PSVR titles. There are even quite a few major releases on the horizon that will make use of the new capabilities as well. Those later titles include Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian, Watch Dogs 2, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

It will be interesting to see how many older titles receive updates for PS4 Pro support. Thankfully, all future Sony exclusives will support the hardware, and chances are that so will most major releases in 2017 and beyond.

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