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Top 20 Best Dragon Ball Z Characters of All Time

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Top 20 Best Dragon Ball Z Characters of All Time

A look back at some of the best characters in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime of all time. Looking back, it’s hard to pick just a couple of Dragon Ball Z characters to make our top 20 list, but we’ve managed it. For such a long-running series, we’ve managed to pinpoint the absolute best Dragon Ball Z characters of all time for you. From major characters to smaller ones, we’ve got all the notable characters. From Raditz to Buu and everything in between! And in the process, you may even find a new favorite. And what about characters who seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth? They may very well make an appearance. Did your favorite character make this list?

The series’ cheerful hero. Goku is always hungry, and just as powerful.

The series’ bad boy and life-long rival to Goku.

Son of Goku, Gohan’s strength peaked when he was in his early years, but goes on to keep the city clean as the masked hero, The Great Saiyaman.

Whether it’s future or young, any Trunks is cool. Plus, he has a badass sword.

The brains of the series, she helps run Capsule Corp. alongside her father.

Not super-powered like the other Z Warriors, Videl still helps keep the streets clean as a martial arts expert.

The always inappropriate Master Roshi is often the source of comic relief, but underneath that aging exterior is a master martial artist who can put up a fight.

Whether you like your Krillin hairless or sporting a fresh lion’s mane worth of hair, he’s among the strongest of Earth’s fighters.

Thankfully, the evil days of King Piccolo are over, and now he acts as a mentor and loyal friend. Still sporting a rotten temper, though.

Frieza is one of those villains who just doesn’t know how to stay dead – and that’s a good thing.

Cell is terrifying. He eats the world’s strongest fighters in the hopes of becoming the perfect warrior.

Android 18 is more of a cyborg – a cyborg with a mean streak. Fortunately for the Z Warriors, she sees the error of her ways, and even comes to join the fight for good.

The youngest son of Goku (at the time), Gotten is a perfect snapshot of Goku as a child.

Poor Yamcha, usually one of the first to die, but always brave.

Buu is terrifying because of his combination of cheerful joy and destructive power.

The star without much talent, Mr. Satan is touted as the world’s greatest fighter, but we all know that’s not the case.

Fairly weak, but important because he helps kick the series off.

This one’s cheating a little bit, but they might as well be one character. Funny, silly, and downright cheesy.

This powerful dragon can grant a wish when all the Dragon Balls are collected. So, pretty important.

Pikkon doesn’t get much screen time, but when he does, he’s cool. Even puts up a good fight against Goku in the afterlife.

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