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15 Cutest Nintendo Games, Ranked From Kinda Cute to Disgustingly Cute

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15 Cutest Nintendo Games, Ranked From Kinda Cute to Disgustingly Cute

15. Earthbound – Cutest Nintendo Games

Earthbound’s art style immediately solidifies it as one of the cuter Nintendo games out there, as Nes and pals travel around a bright and colorful world. Despite some horrific twists later on, there’s always a cute enemy to obliterate with your PSY powers, or a gorgeous location to uncover. Now if we could just get that Mother 3 translation…..

14. Chibi-Robo

Just look at that little robot and tell me that’s not the cutest robot you’ve ever seen? I mean, I guess there isn’t a ton of competition for cute robots, but Chibi-Robo certainly takes the cake. The way he carries around his plug on top of his head, or those giants eyes. Chibi-Robo’s entire purpose for being is to gain Happy Points by helping out the family. What a good guy.

13. Kirby Star Allies

It should come as no surprise that Kirby, the king of cute, would be on here, more than once in fact. There are any number of adorable Kirby games to choose from, most of them so cute they’ll make your eyes bleed, but Star Allies is the easiest pick. Kirby’s graphical upgrade looks fantastic, and waddling around with four little buddies is just as cute as you’d imagine.

12. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Cutest Nintendo Games

He spent a long, long time as merely a supporting character, but Toad finally got his due on the Wii U with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The mind-bending puzzle game has you playing through adorable little self-contained levels, that you can rotate the camera around. Of course, the stars of the show are Captain Toad and Toadette who waddle around with that ridiculous smile on their face.

11. Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Who knew the Rabbids could be so cute? Whether it’s the absurd Peach Rabbid, or the mustache-toting Mario Rabbid, Ubisoft managed to nail Nintendo’s charm and style with Mario+Rabbids. Combining the world’s of the Mushroom Kingdom with Rabbids items is hilarious, and it really works in the game’s favor. Add an eye-popping, colorful art style, and you’ve got one of the Switch’s cutest games around.

10. Pikmin

Ahhh Pikmin, the weird unsettling alien creature that are somehow still cute…… even when they die. As you explore the alien world of Pikmin, you’ll gather a horde of these little fellows, who are more than willing to throw their lives away in order to help you. Their selflessness is admirable, and as sad as it is to see them go, you can’t help but crack a smile.

9. Super Mario 3D World – Cutest Nintendo Games

All you really need to know about Super Mario 3D World is that it has a cat suit. A cat suit that lets Mario and others climb up walls and claw enemies. Mario himself isn’t what usually comes to mind when you think of the word “cute,” but somehow 3D World managed to do just that. Oh and that’s not to mention how adorable cat bowser looks.

8. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

Of course Pokemon are cute, it’s been that way ever since they were created. Pikachu is one of the cutest beings ever created, in all of history, but the Let’s Go games manage to up that cute factor to ridiculous new degrees. From the way Pikachu or Eevee high five you with their tail when you beat a gym, to the way you can ride around in Kangaskhan’s pouch, these are the most adorable Pokemon games yet, and that’s saying something.

7. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is a franchise entirely predicated on that cuteness factor, and it’s one of the driving factors that keep players invested, along with the absurdly addicting gameplay loop. Pocket Camp definitely takes the cake with cuteness though, as you roam around in your own miniaturized RV, and build a cozy little camp for all your animal friends to come visit. Disgustingly cute.

6. Yoshi’s Crafted World – Cutest Nintendo Games

Yoshi’s first outing on the Nintendo Switch sees him hopping through worlds slapdashed together with arts and crafts. Platforms are made with aluminum cans, and houses of cardboard, all of which sport Nintendo’s ridiculous attention to detail. If you needed anything else to make you cringe with cute overload just look at the different costumes Yoshi can wear, dressing up like a milk bottle or cardboard sheep. This much cute should be illegal.

5. Snipperclips: Cut it Out Together

A surprise newcomer to the pantheon of Nintendo titles, Snipperclis is a fantastic co-op title that manages to be absurdly adorable at the same time. You and a friend control these little paper people, and you’ll need to cut each other’s bodies in order to get the right shape to solve puzzles. Saying that out loud it’s a bit cryptic, but boy if it isn’t cute in execution.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Wind Waker whimsical art style had plenty of fans worried when it was first announced, but the game has gone down as one of the best Nintendo titles of all time. Toon Link is a far cry from regular Link, and he’s adorably emotive during the entire game, right down to the grimace he has as he’s launched from a cannon. Honestly, Wind Waker is an artistic masterpiece, just one that manages to be absurdly cute at the same time.

3. Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Cutest Nintendo Games

The game that really started Nintendo’s experimentation with unique art styles. How do you make Kirby even cuter? Make him yarn, and everything around him yarn. A neon-soaked cacophony of adorableness, Nintendo actually used digital images of real fabrics to help create the game’s style, and boy did it work.

2. Nintendogs

The game that made everyone forget about their real pets to spend time with their digital ones. Nintendo hit a home run when they designed Nintendogs, letting people live out their fantasy of having that perfect dog; one that doesn’t chew up cords, or get into your pantry. Instead, you can spend all day walking your digital best friend, playing frisbee, bathing them, or just generally basking in their radiant cuteness.

1. Yoshi’s Wooly World

With Yoshi’s Wooly World Nintendo hit the apex of cuteness, a peak that may never be reached again by video games. Wooly World literally looks like you opened a box of your grandma’s wool and spend an afternoon stitching everything together into some adorable art project that, somehow, became sentient. You can see frayed threads coming off of Yoshi, and the actual stitching on the environment. Every second of Wooly World is torture from cute overload, sublime torture.

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