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15 Adorable Animal Crossing Clothing Items You Can Buy IRL


15 Adorable Animal Crossing Clothing Items You Can Buy IRL

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has hundreds of adorable clothing items, and quite honestly, my character in the game is much more fashionable than I am in real life.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of clothing you’ve seen in Animal Crossing, check out some of these real-life matches that you can actually buy.

The names in the title are what the items are called in New Horizons, and each description will include a link to where you can find the respective item counterpart in real life.

Front-Tie Button-Down Shirt

The Front-Tie Button-Down Shirt not only looks cute on your Animal Crossing character, but it’s a fun piece to wear IRL as well. You can rock this real-life cropped shirt sold by Shein.

Faux-Shearling Coat

Get ready for snowy weather with a coat that resembles the fashionable Faux-Shearling Coat in Animal Crossing. You can buy one that looks just like it IRL from Venus.

Botanical Tee

Nothing screams “island life” as much as this Botanical Tee. It’s a popular shirt in New Horizons, so if you want to buy one to match your character, Old Navy sells one that looks just like it.

Pineapple Aloha Shirt

Okay, this one screams “island life,” too, but it’s more tailored for a men’s fit. You can buy a shirt that looks just like the Pineapple Aloha Shirt at DHGate.

Guayabera Shirt

The Guayabera is a traditional Cuban shirt. Not only can you wear one in Animal Crossing, but there are plenty of similar choices IRL. Walmart sells one that’s a very close match in style and color.

Embroidered Tank

The Embroidered Tank in Animal Crossing is honestly one of the cutest tops in the game, and it goes well with a lot of other clothes. If you want something to match IRL, Kohl’s sells a tank top that looks exactly like it.

Hibiscus Muumuu

The Hibiscus Muumuu is another piece of clothing in Animal Crossing that is perfectly suited for island life. This dress’s counterpart in real life has sleeves, but otherwise, it is very similar. You can buy one for yourself at Walmart.

Madras Plaid Shirt

Well, there are a lot of plaid shirts in both Animal Crossing and in real life, but these two match pretty closely. You can buy a plaid shirt from L.L. Bean that resembles Animal Crossing’s Madras Plaid Shirt.

Pixel Shades

Not a typical clothing item, but the Pixel Shades in Animal Crossing are pretty iconic. Turns out you can get them IRL, too! In fact, there’s a deal from Groupon in which you can buy them in bulk. Time for a retro Animal Crossing party with friends!

Royal Crown

There couldn’t be an Animal Crossing clothes list without including the Royal Crown. It’s the most expensive item in the game, selling for 1,200,000 Bells. Thankfully, you can get a much cheaper version of it in real life from Mardi Gras Outlet. If you were looking for something made of real gold, you’re out of luck, sorry!

Space Parka

The Space Parka is another popular clothing item in Animal Crossing, perfect for cold nights spent wishing on shooting stars. You can buy a matching version from Wish, but we can’t guarantee it will let you meet Celeste IRL.

Starry Tank

The Starry Tank is a simple yet fashionable look in Animal Crossing. Zazzle sells a very similar-looking tank top so you can match with your character.

Striped Maxi Dress

The Striped Maxi Dress is a cute, summery dress you can wear in Animal Crossing. If you ever wanted to wear something in real life that looks just like it, you can buy one in the same style and color at JustFab.

Meme Shirt

The Meme Shirt is undoubtedly the funniest piece of clothing in Animal Crossing. Who wouldn’t want to wear a galaxy-colored shirt with the print of a cat shooting lasers out of its eyes? Can you believe there is actually a real-life equivalent to this shirt? You can buy one for yourself on Etsy, because the Internet has everything, apparently.

Nook Inc. Aloha Shirt

The Nook inc. Aloha Shirt is one of the most recognizable pieces of clothing in New Horizons. It’s the shirt that Tom Nook wears, and you can order one for your own character at the Nook Stop. You can buy an official one to wear in real life at Hot Topic, making it perfect for any Tom Nook cosplay.

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