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10 Games That You Feel Cool Playing but Make You Look Like a Total Dork

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10 Games That You Feel Cool Playing but Make You Look Like a Total Dork

Rock Band

Rock Band promises to put players into the shoes of actual rock stars. With two guitar players, a singer, and a drummer, playing with a group of friends proved to be really, really fun. We all looked dumb pressing plastic buttons on a plastic guitar and screaming Paramore into the mic, but boy did we feel cool.

Labo VR

Nintendo has just released a Labo VR Kit with five different Toy-Con to play around with. You can stick your head in a bird’s butt, hold a huge paper blaster, control an elephants trunk, and participate in many more embarrassing activities using the VR goggles. You may feel really cool blasting monsters away with your laser gun, but to others, you might have to explain just what the heck is going on.


1-2-Switch was a launch title for the Switch, meant to show off the capabilities of the tiny Joy-Con with dozens of minigames to play. These minigames were downright strange and made participants act as if they were milking cows, shaving a man’s face, and having an intense wand duel with a wizard. As long as you’re having fun with friends, you probably won’t be super embarrassed, but get ready for some very awkward moments.

Tony Hawk: Ride

This 2009 Tony Hawk game came with an actual skateboard peripheral that had sensors in it, letting the player perform certain maneuvers to do in-game skateboard tricks. It ultimately flopped; turns out that folks don’t wanna stand on an annoying fake skateboard. Players might have felt rad performing ollies and 360 flips, but they actually looked like total dorks… sorry.

Hey You, Pikachu

Hey You, Pikachu! released back in the Nintendo 64 days and came with a microphone that allowed the player to speak to Pikachu. You can call him over, tell him to pick up apples, and just have a good ‘ol conversation with the electric mouse. It was pretty cool to talk to Pikachu – he really wouldn’t listen to anything that was inputted into the mic, but it was fun nonetheless, and a little embarrassing.

Wii Fit

The balance board that came included with Nintendo’s Wii Fit served as not only a scale that can weigh people, but it had several functions that made working out, not a chore, but a fun hobby instead. Alongside actual workouts, Wii Fit had a slew of mini-games that were enjoyable but made players look like complete dummies.

Just Dance

Who doesn’t love to dance to popular songs in front of friends and family? I know I do. When Just Dance came out for the Wii, players grabbed those Wii-motes and pretended to be the best dancers that they could be. You only have to move the Wii-mote around for the game to register the movements so a lot of people lazily danced in order to get first place.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a VR title that uses rhythm-based gameplay to make the user feel as dumb as possible. In the game though, you feel like a complete badass, using two different-colored lightsabers to cut blocks as they fly towards you.


Nintendogs was one of the most perfect pet simulation games ever. You can walk your dog, feed your dog, wash your dog, and much much more. Thanks to the many features of the Nintendo DS, you can also yell at your dog using the microphone, blow bubbles, and tell your dog to perform special tricks. Make sure to never play this game in public… please, we beg of you.

Wii Sports

Once the Nintendo Wii launched back in 2006, the world went crazy over the phenomenon that was Wii Sports. Wii Sports was a mini-game compilation that included sports-themed games like Bowling, Boxing, Golf, Tennis, and Baseball. Swinging those Wii-motes around like madman was insanely fun, even if some folks managed to break a few television sets in the process.

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