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10 Annoying Video Game Characters That Should Be Thrown Into the M87 Black Hole

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10 Annoying Video Game Characters That Should Be Thrown Into the M87 Black Hole

Today we got to take a look at the first photo of an actual black hole named M87. The image was released to the public by a group of scientists who were working together for about a year to make this happen.

If you didn’t know, black holes hold such gravitational power that if anything were to get near it, it would get sucked into the hole and never seen again. Like for example, you could throw any of these really annoying characters into the hole and who knows what would happen next…


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will always be remembered for making open-world 3D games a thing, alongside Super Mario 64. Link’s little helper though, Navi, is super annoying and constantly reminds Link how to lock-on to enemies and shouts “HEY LISTEN” over and over again. Sorry Navi, but you gotta go.

Mr. Resetti

Mr. Resetti is a mole who, for some reason, gets very, very upset if you reset your game file in Animal Crossing without saving the game first. He comes out of the ground, infuriated, only to talk you down and ask why you did it, warning the player of the consequences. Animal Crossing is meant to be a relaxed experience and this annoying mole guy ruins the mood.


Tingle is a very strange character that appears as different incarnations throughout the Zelda series. Sporting a similar look in every game, he usually has a green fairy costume with very tiny red underwear that he wears on the outside of his suit. He’s just really creepy and could use some time in a black hole.

Ashley Graham

A vast chunk of Resident Evil 4 is spent protecting the President’s daughter, Ashley, through a lot of infested baddies. She really can’t do much but run and hide. You can even throw her in a dumpster and keep her there for her safety, but Ashley was pretty annoying to have around.

Slippy Toad

Literally, during the first stage of Star Fox 64, Slippy Toad gets attacked by enemy ships only to rely on Fox (the player) to save him from death. It seems that Slippy is the one pilot that needs help the most, leaving him dispensible and kind of useless.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose seems to constantly hang around Sonic’s side like a lost child, finding herself surprised and disappointed whenever Sonic rejects her wishes to date him. She can’t take no as an answer and because of that, she’s going into the black hole… immediately.

Duck Hunt Dog

In Duck Hunt, the main goal is to shoot the ducks on the screen while aiming at the television screen, but if you happen to fail a stage, there is a devious dog that laughs at you right in front of your face. It’s very embarrassing. I don’t see a reason for this dog to keep existing. No way no how.


Whenever you are actually doing anything of importance in Grand Theft Auto IV, Roman will always be there to ask you if you wanna go bowling. He means well, but he blows up Niko’s phone way too much.

Adoring Fan

This highly annoying super fan from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will kiss the ground that your character walks upon. He’s your number one fan and will happily follow you to the earth’s end. Unfortunately, he can get kind of creepy… sorry dude.

J. Jonah Jameson

The wise-cracking head of the Daily Bugle, Jameson pretty much yells at Peter Parker to get the best photos of Spider-Man. He’s very obnoxious and for no reason at all, will constantly “fire” Peter from his position as a photographer.

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