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You Knead To See the Internet’s Reactions and Artwork of the New Pokemon Fidough

Pokemon fans are losing their minds over a Fairy-type puppy Pokemon that resembles bread or a pastry called Fidough.

A trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet dropped this morning, and it has become customary for the Internet to collectively adore at least one of the new Pokemon revealed. Last time, it was the lovable Lechonk. This time, Pokemon fans are losing their minds over a Fairy-type puppy Pokemon that resembles bread or a pastry with an adorably fitting name: Fidough.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the posts that have already been shared on Twitter, whether it’s reacting to this new Pokemon design or already crafting the most wonderful art of our new puppy pal.

The Pokemon community is quick to move on to its next most popular design, as Skyler posted about below.

Zuccnini was quick with their Fidough artwork, depicting the Pokemon infiltrating a bakery with a biscuit in its mouth.

Antdude knows how these things work: your Twitter feed will be filled with nothing but Fidough for the next few days.

Lenacchi imagined starter Pokemon Fuecoco drooling over Fidough and brought the idea to life with her art.

Beepy drew Fidough in her art style alongside some Smoliv. Food Pokemon must stick together!


AverageFEfan had some more sinister ideas about what to do after catching a Fidough.

The Last Shaymin thought about all of the delicious pastry Pokemon and included Fidough behind the window of a bakery in her artwork “How much is that doggy in the window?”

Waifuartz wonders if there could be Fidough in different flavors like how Alcremie was. We’d be totally into this idea.

Here are some more Fidough flavor designs as conceptualized by Kumo.

And here are some fruit-based interpretations as designed by Sixelona.

Hatsubara_8chan saw a connection immediately between Fidough and Yamper and drew the two floofballs hanging out.

Sky came up with the best possible pun if your Fidough gets too lazy in battle.

Nathaniel appears to be the first one to call that Fidough’s evolution should definitely be called Doughmutt.

Whiart121 drew two adorable Fidough stacked on top of each other.

RunaPocket is a latte artist and was quick to make this squishy foam art of Fidough, which is possibly the first edible Fidough ever.

There are just way too many adorable interpretations of Fidough already and it hasn’t even been three hours! Pokemon artists are so fast and talented.

We’re sure that there will continue to be plenty of Fidough love in the form of memes and artwork over the next few months until Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releases for the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18, 2022. Until then, you can check up on the latest news about the games right here.

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