10 Ugliest Skins in Fortnite, Ranked From Ugly to Hideous

10 Ugliest Skins in Fortnite, Ranked From Off-putting to Hideous

Who on earth would buy these?!

While scrolling through Reddit I saw this peculiar yet interesting discussion on the Fortnite page: what is the ugliest skin in the game? Not necessarily bad, just ugly. Disgusting. Hideous. It’s a fact that Fortnite has way more creative characters than bad ones, but not all of them are meant to be pleasing to the eyes; some are actually made to trigger nightmares. We’ve already talked enough about great skins and fan-favorite crossovers here, but now it’s time to look at the nastiest outfits in Fortnite.

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10. Styx

Styx skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

It’s hard to know what’s going on with Styx. He looks like a modern zombie who was shot by a laser beam in his stomach…? Well, I don’t know but it looks disturbing.

The giant hole on his torso is actually a feature of the outfit: it opens as you damage opponents in-game and resets after approximately 20 seconds. Although Styx looks like a Fortnitemare character, he was really the June 2023 Crew Pack skin. His name also happens to be a reference to Greek Mythology as the ‘personification of hatred and the primordial goddess of River Styx’ — just don’t ask me how it relates to the skin.

9. Trog

Trog skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

Trog is the oldest skin on this list and was one of the unlockable outfits in the Season 7 Battle Pass, the Winter season. Inspired by the myth of a yeti, Trog might not look as big or intimidating as the ones we’re used to seeing in movies, but he can look pretty cursed on his own.

His gross-looking blue and marked skin, the pointy teeth out of his mouth, and the absence of a nose contribute to Trog being considered one of the ugliest characters in Fortnite. And I didn’t even mention his second style, a baboon-inspired look that would freak any opponent out at first contact.

8. Teef

Teef skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

We were introduced to Teef during Chapter 2: Season 1’s Fortnitemares and since then I still have no clue what he’s supposed to be. Not sure if he’s from Earth or another planet, but he looks like a prisoner who has pink jelly all over his body, leaving only a nasty mouth exposed. Teef’s Nosh back bling and the Goo Glider are equally disgusting by both making unwanted sounds as you play through matches.

There’s not much to go off his description, which just says “Life’s chewy when you’re born to chomp.” This slime abomination with teeth made for eating is truly the stuff of nightmares, and I personally wouldn’t complain if he never came back to the Item Shop.

7. Camille

Camille skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

I’m afraid of many things, but nothing can compare to my fear of rats. When Camille popped up in the Item Shop during Chapter 3: Season 4 I thought she had a nice punk look that is fitting for Gen Z aesthetics. Turns out I couldn’t be more disgusted: the girl with the nice outfit can suddenly turn herself into a rodent!

Camille comes with the Squeak emote that lets her change her appearance in-game to Battletail, which wildly differs from her cool main style. Although, as much as I like her main outfit — I will say her hair does weird me out a bit, considering it’s an unusual cross between space buns and mouse ears.

6. Kawspeely

Kawspeely skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

There’s some debate about the most horrendous Peely skin in Fortnite, with the original one included. But I’ll go with Kawspeely as the creepiest version of our favorite banana guy, just as terrifying as Unpeely.

Released sometime in Chapter 3: Season 3, this weirdo, like the Kaws Skeleton outfit, is based on the work of American artist Kaws. Both skins are pretty horrifying in my opinion, but the thought of Kawspeely makes me have trouble sleeping. I mean, look at the featured image they use for him in the game, he looks soulless.

5. Xenomorph

Xenomorph skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

One of the ugliest creatures in cinema history came from outer space and landed on the island in Chapter 2: Season 5. The Xenomorph outfit based on the Alien franchise is just as terrifying as its movie counterpart.

With the unsettling elongated head and that boney tail, the Xenomorph skin can cause some serious trauma if used by aggressive players. The Xeno Menace built-in emote just makes it scarier, as it shows something nasty extending from its mouth while it lets out the shrill scream that made Xenomorph a classic monster within the horror genre.

4. Big Mouth

Big Mouth skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

Released in Chapter 2: Season 1, Big Mouth was one of the Fortnitemares skins in that season. In the game’s lore, he was created by Delirium, another creepy Halloween outfit, and by the look of it… everything seems to have gone wrong in the process.

With a giant monstrous mouth that starts at his chest, it is almost like a wilder version of Marvel Comics’ Venom. Big Mouth is undoubtedly one of the most horrific skins to have in your locker. The Council of Frogs back bling and the Gnashers pickaxe sold with his bundle are equally unpleasant and will help you disturb the hell out of other players.

3. Demogorgon

Demogorgon skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

Part of one of the first licensed Fortnite collabs ever, the Demogorgon outfit was a fever when it was released back in Season 9, either by looking so unique at the time or simply because of all the hype surrounding the Netflix show.

I’m not kidding when I say Fortnite felt like a jump-scare game with one of these humanoid creatures at every corner. There was a complaint about the skin, though, as its nasty mouth would only open with some emotes during the gliding animation. But looking back that wasn’t so bad. The Stranger Things Set also had Chief Hopper, but it’s the Demogorgon who new players patiently wait to make a comeback after such a long period away from the Item Shop.

2. The Devourer

The Devourer skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

My favorite Fortnite live event happened at the end of Season 9 and had a huge Power Rangers-inspired mecha fighting this giant monstrous-looking kaiju or whatever it was.

A few months later, during Chapter 2: Season 1, the Polar Legends Set hit the Item Shop with some nice Winter skins, with the Devourer creature among them. Everything about it makes me feel uncomfortable; the Cyclops’ eye, the Predator dreads, the four-finger claws, the stretched torso on the stomach… It’s just too much for my eyes. And my ears with the horrifying sound of his Power Roar emote.

1. Mincemeat

Mincemeat skin in Fortnite
Image Source: Epic Games

No other skin will ever be as creepy, gross, disturbing, nasty, and all the worst adjectives you can think of as Mincemeat. Released in Chapter 2: Season 4, you’d be surprised to know that he’s not a Fortnitemares original.

The Mincemeat outfit puts everything that’s repulsive in one slender model: a creepy skeleton face, a shredded torso, and meat filling all of it — vegetarians should hate it even more. As if it wasn’t enough, you walk around the island with flies flying around this rotten humanoid pie. The Stir-Baby back bling and the Mash glider complete the Baker’s Nightmare Set and make it impossible for me to imagine anyone wanting this skin, except maybe Sweeney Todd.

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