Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia

Who said you had to choose between mother-daughter relationships and murder mysteries?

Ginny & Georgia has a special quality to its production that isn’t easy to find elsewhere. special the show has, that’s uniqueness. And if you’ve just wrapped it up, we totally get that its major cliffhanger probably has you pining for something similar. So, here we’re highlighting the 10 best shows like Ginny & Georgia to tide you over until the anticipated sequel is out.

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Gilmore Girls

Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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If it’s another show about the unique bond between mother and daughter, then Gilmore Girls is one to consider. In fact, if you remember, at the beginning of Ginny & Georgia, Georgia even refers to herself and Ginny as “the Gilmore Girls, but with bigger boobs.”

Gilmore Girls follows a single mom, Lorelai (Lauren Graham), and her teenage daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel), and how they navigate their relationship and their life in a small town, Stars Hollow.

While this show has definitely inspired Ginny & Georgia, if you’re looking for a crime scene or a bunch of sassiness, this is not it. Gilmore Girls is the show you turn to if you need something wholesome to comfort you. Of course, there’s still drama between the protagonists and many troubled relationships, so that’s covered!


Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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Euphoria is for those who love the darker side of Ginny & Georgia and don’t mind taking it a step further. While Ginny & Georgia involves many secrets and hidden agendas, it approaches them in a semi-lighter way when compared to Euphoria’s seriousness.

Euphoria follows Rue (Zendaya), a teenager that got out of rehab, and her peers as they face the tumultuous period of adolescence. While the show looks beautiful cinematographically, it doesn’t shy away from portraying heavy topics such as addiction, abuse, and bullying.

As such, if you appreciate how Ginny & Georgia has explored mental health through Ginny’s self-harm, you might like Euphoria. On top of that, you’ll get to witness a not-so-perfect mother-daughter relationship between Rue and her mom.

Teenage Bounty Hunters

Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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Teenage Bounty Hunters was Netflix’s first attempt at mixing high school drama with a dangerous double life. The show follows Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini), twin sisters, who team up with Bowser Jenkins (Kadeem Hardison) to become bounty hunters but still have pressing worries as teenagers, such as losing their virginities.

In the end, this show is a cocktail of suburban secrets and the highs and lows of high school. Unfortunately, this coming-of-age was canceled before reaching its peak, but it’s still worth the watch. If you like the blend of mystery and southern charm that Ginny & Georgia has, this is ideal for you!

Jane the Virgin

Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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Jane the Virgin has the same mother-daughter connection and an intriguing storyline to keep you hooked in the same way as Ginny & Georgia. The show follows Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), who gets pregnant despite being a virgin – yes, you read it correctly. Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated during a doctor’s appointment. As a result, she turns to her mom for help in what turns out to be a wild telenovela.

If you enjoy the lightness of Ginny & Georgia, you’ll definitely have a blast watching Jane the Virgin. However, beware that things do get out of hand, from evil twins to a lot of deaths and even amnesia. Yet, the relationship between the Villanueva women makes it worth the while and a heartwarming watch.

Gossip Girl

Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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Gossip Girl might not be the most obvious choice, but if we look closely, this can be a great watch for those that love Ginny & Georgia. Just like Euphoria, it focuses on a group of teenagers and how they navigate their lives on the Upper East Side, including their complex relationships with their parents. In fact, if there’s a show that actually gets the parents involved in all the teenage drama and gives them space to have their own drama, that’s Gossip Girl.

Not only that, but Gossip Girl is sustained by the big mystery of trying to find the identity of Gossip Girl, a person who shares everyone’s deepest and darkest secrets. From an ex-husband who diagnoses fake cancer to his ex-wife to a teenage boy who trades his girlfriend for a hotel, there’s plenty of intrigue!

Good Girls

Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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While Good Girls doesn’t have the cornerstone mother-daughter relationship that Ginny & Georgia has, it also features good people doing bad things for good reasons. The show follows three women, Beth (Christina Hendricks), Annie (Mae Whitman), and Ruby (Retta), a trio of hard-working moms who are in need of money and decide to rob a grocery store.

Yet, their story takes a turn as they find out that the store is the front for a local gang and see themselves in difficulties getting out of the crime world. All in all, each of these moms has a bit of Georgia in them, and Georgia would fit right in. Good Girls is a dramedy full of twists that gives each character a compelling reason for behaving the way they do, just like Ginny & Georgia try to do for Georgia.

Never Have I Ever

Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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Never Have I Ever doesn’t have crime and intrigue, that’s true. Yet, it’s still a great show if you enjoy the teen drama and mother-daughter relationship part of Ginny & Georgia.

The show follows Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), an Indian-American high school student, as she deals with the sudden death of her father. We get to see Devi, just like Ginny, navigate the complex world of teenage female friendships as well as explore her sexuality.

While it doesn’t feature a seductive mother like Georgia, it still pays a great deal of attention to how Devi relates with her mother, now that her father, who she felt understood her the most, is gone. On top of her grief, Devi has to find her place in her culture, which makes for a complex familial relationship.

Tiny Pretty Things

Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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Tiny Pretty Things has several similar themes to Ginny & Georgia, most notably, the tough but important subject of racial tension in contemporary society. The show follows Neveah Stroyer (Kylie Jefferson), a talented Black dancer who joins an exclusive ballet academy and feels completely out of place in the predominantly white group.

As if this premise wasn’t enough, Neveah receives an intriguing message, and a white rose anonymously. While this show is a bit soapier than Ginny & Georgia, it definitely has that same vibe of doing whatever needs to be done to achieve a dream. From secrets and mysteries to troubled parent-child relationships, this show has it all, plus competitiveness and nice dancing scenes.

The O.C.

Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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The O.C. is very similar to Gossip Girl in the sense that it follows mostly rich teenagers and their lives with their families, yet, in this case, the members of the families are definitely protagonists as well. The show revolves around Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie), a troubled and smart teenager from a broken home who is adopted by a wealthy family, the Cohens. Just like Ginny & Georgia have to adapt to their new reality each time they move, so does Ryan.

This show is the perfect balance between teen drama and real-life crimes and intrigues, as these characters never find any peace. So, if you’re looking for a more realistic but still very wholesome take on Ginny & Georgia, don’t skip The O.C.


Top 10 Best Shows Like Ginny & Georgia
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Netflix noticed that mixing teen drama with crime is usually a recipe for success. Hence, Trinkets, while exploring a crime that is far more common than the ones featured in Ginny & Georgia, still has a similar vibe.

The show follows three teenage girls, Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand), Moe (Kiana Madeira), and Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell), who meet in a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting and end up developing a friendship that gives them strength to face any problems that come to their ways.

From loneliness to grieving, Trinkets shows the importance of building connection and a sense of community, something that is very present in Ginny & Georgia because of their constant moves. Just like Ginny, Elodie has to move to a new city and find her place.

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