The titular motorbike that Jack gets access to in Ghostrunner 2
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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sleep on Ghostrunner 2

The only game where one-hit deaths aren't immediately demoralizing.

Ghostrunner 2, the sequel to the incredibly fast, first person, one-hit kill, slashing action game, stands out in 2023. If you’re a fan of the unique stylish world of the original, then here’s 4 reasons you shouldn’t sleep on Ghostrunner 2.

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The FPP Slashing Action is Uniquely Unmatched

Official art of Jack in Ghostrunner 2 cutting down enemies
Image Source via 505 Games

Ghostrunner 2 and the game that came before it are examples of a very deliberate kind of fast action. The entire premise runs on the idea that you can destroy enemies in a single hit, outside of bosses. However, the same rule applies to you, which creates this uniquely addictive cadence to the game’s combat. As you play you may even find yourself entering a flow-state where your movements and gameplay decisions become instinctual and reflexive.

Especially when the tools at your disposal allow grapple hooks, jumping, dodging, blocking, throwing electrical shuriken, slowing down time, and even ultimate abilities for that twist on personal customization.

A Darksynth Soundtrack that Slaps

A screenshot of Ghostrunner 2 depicting a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world
Image Source via 505 Games

Ghostrunner 2’s soundtrack features Dan Terminus, Daniel Deluxe, Magonia, We are Magonia, Egostrip_fight and Road Zero. One thing all these talented musicians have in common is the ability to create moody, energetic tracks that fit the dystopian hellscape of Ghostrunner 2’s post apocalyptic cyberpunk setting to a T. There’s a lot to love in a soundtrack that matches the quick, flow state-inducing high-stakes combat as well as it does.

Part of the reason why I hold the Elder Scrolls series in high regard is because of its music, and I don’t think that notion is any different with Ghostrunner 2.

Going Even Faster on a Motorbike

The player in Ghostrunner 2 using a motorbike in the wastelands outside of the cyberpunk city
Image Source via 505 Games

Part way through Ghostrunner 2’s story, you’ll get access to a sweet ride that will let you traverse non-linear, semi-open worlds. Players will get to experience racing their new motorbike through the tunnels of the cyberpunk city and even into the desolate wastes beyond. What’s neat about these bike sections of the game is how the levels are designed to take advantage of such a fast-moving vehicle.

For example, the tunnels you will be speeding through may have a small opening only on the ceiling. Thankfully, your motorbike can easily drive on every side of the wall, letting you turn the ceiling and walls into impromptu drivable paths that align with said openings. Did I mention that you can even jump off the bike like a springboard to fly over wide valleys and use the grappling hook to get back to the bike before you land? Hard to not have a blast with traversal mechanics like that.

A Surprisingly Compelling Roguelike Mode

A randomly generated level from Ghostrunner 2's roguelike mode called Roguerunner
Image Source via 505 Games

Roguelikes and Roguelites are some of my favorite video game genres due to their replayability and randomness that usually keeps things feeling fresh. Ghostrunner 2 having included such a mode seems like a great match with how precise and tight the gameplay is. You’ll start with a basic set of moves and fight your way through randomly generated combat puzzles. It’s worth noting that you choose future levels from a handful of mission types as you progress.

Surviving these grants you extra lives, new modifiers, or upgrade chips that you’ll need for when you eventually get to the boss levels at the end of each stage. Roguelike-style modes add a lot of worth to the overall package of a game like Ghostrunner 2, and I hope the developer, One More Level, expands upon it!

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