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6 Questions We Have About GTA 6 That We’re Eagerly Awaiting Answers For

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream. GTA VI, and new teaser scenes...

It has been 10 years since the release of the brilliant GTA V, and our desire for the next game is starting to burn brighter and hotter.

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So, now that the GTA 6 trailer is expected to come soon, we are all too curious about what the future holds with regard to Rockstar Games’ new entry. That being said, a few lingering questions about Grand Theft Auto 6 have come up, and we’re here to discuss them in detail.

Some of the items on this list are questions that have been fuelled by the recent rumors and leaks. That is not to say, however, that what has supposedly been revealed is credible. So, please don’t come hunting us down with an Apache helicopter if they don’t come to pass!

How Big Will Vice City Be?

One thing that we are pretty certain of now is that the series will be returning to sunny and vibrant Vice City.

The franchise hasn’t been there since GTA: Vice City Stories was released back in October 2006, and was originally seen in the GTA: Vice City base game in 2002. It will be interesting to see how the city has been changed and added to, especially now that the possibilities within game design have changed so much. Vice City and Vice City Stories both ran on engines from the same generation of consoles, so there are over 20 years of changes to witness.

The thing that is on our minds the most, though, is how big is everything going to be? Will some parts stay similar to the 2002 installment? With places such as Downtown, Little Havana, and Little Haiti, we can envision them becoming much larger than the last time we saw them.

These are areas that would feel really immersive on a larger scale. However, with spots like Ocean Beach and Starfish Island, how big do you need to go? In our minds, not that big, actually.

The great thing about these locations is that, even though the map wasn’t huge in GTA: Vice City itself, they felt like areas that worked well on a smaller scale. Starfish Island is obviously the separate island getaway for the rich, and Ocean Beach felt like a nice, smaller sandy spot that was then contrasted by Washington Beach’s longer stretch of land.

We are sure that whatever Rockstar does with the map design will be great, but we hope that there will still be a few smaller, more intimate places reminiscent of the game that first introduced us to the Miami look-alike city two decades ago.

Will There Be Interactions with Original Vice City Characters?

Tommy Vercetti talking with Ken Rosenberg in GTA: Vice City
Image Source: Rockstar Games

The character cast from Vice City was iconic. Rockstar usually manages to make Grand Theft Auto games iconic anyway, but this was definitely near the top of the list.

We know that some of the voice actors who portrayed people in the original game are no longer with us, such as Ray Liotta (may he rest in peace). However, it would be awesome to see some OG characters in GTA VI.

We’re pretty sure that there will at least be homages to some of them, or possibly just Tommy Vercetti. All the same, it will be great to see, as Vice City was the foyer into the Grand Theft Auto series for a lot of people who were definitely 18 or over… yep.

Will We See Characters From GTA V?

The three protagonists of GTA V in boiler suits and masks
Image Source: Rockstar Games

This is admittedly similar to what we wondered above, but we do know from past games that Rockstar likes to include characters from other GTA titles, that did not originally show up in the city where the game they make a cameo appearance in takes place.

For some examples, we have seen the likes of Ken Rosenberg (originally from Vice City) show up in GTA: San Andreas in Las Venturas. We have also seen Claude (originally from GTA III) show up in GTA: San Andreas as well, despite the fact that his run as protagonist took place in Liberty City.

There are sometimes mentions of past protagonists as well, even if they don’t appear in the game at all. A perfect example is when, in GTA V, Lester hints at Niko Bellic from GTA IV, stating:

“There was an Eastern European guy making moves in Liberty City but, nah.. he went quiet”

Lester Crest, Grand Theft Auto V

He also mentions the “Irish crazies,” referring to the McReary’s who were also in GTA IV. You can actually find Patrick McReary in GTA V as well. He is outside of a store doing a take, and can be recruited as a member of your crew if you complete his getaway mission.

Other than these characters, recent rumors have suggested that GTA V’s Michael may return since the voice actor, Ned Luke, vaguely hinted at an appearance on Twitter. Although the game has multiple endings, we do know that the canon conclusion showcases Michael alive and well, so maybe we’ll get to see the comeback of the whimsical De Santa family.

How Different Will the Physics Engine Be?

Niko Bellic from GTA IV in a police car
Image Source: Rockstar Games

The physics engine in GTA V is pretty good, and having Michael crash through a car window is always enjoyable. However, there was a noticeable downgrade between IV and V in terms of what the game could handle physically.

Fans of the series have even made videos on the subject, comparing the two engines. They often point out how GTA IV admittedly had superior ragdoll and car physics due to the fact that GTA IV was ahead of its time. When it came to GTA V, the predecessor was going to be hard to beat, so it was scaled back.

These aren’t the be-all and end-all in games. But given that there has been such a long gap between entries and that two full generations of consoles have been released, we have to wonder if the more impressive physics from IV will make an appearance in GTA VI.

The graphics and story are more than likely going to be incredible, as always. But there’s always room to wonder exactly what can be explored mechanically which wasn’t possible in 2013 when the last game launched.

Which Celebrities Are Going to Host the Radio Stations?

The logos for radio stations in GTA: Vice City
Image Source: Rockstar Games

The radio stations in Grand Theft Auto games are legendary at this point. No matter what game you pick from the 3D universe, you are going to get some stations with great songs and funny talk show segments.

A common theme in the games is that they often have real-world celebrities hosting the stations. This makes good familiar grounding through real-life recognition, and it also creates hilarity through meta situations and hyper-playing into the celebrity’s own personality.

Some excellent examples of celebrities who have appeared in the games to host stations in the past are:

  • Kenny Loggins (singer of Danger Zone from the Top Gun soundtrack).
  • Cara Delevingne (model and actress in such films as Suicide Squad and Paper Towns).
  • Axl Rose (singer of Guns ‘n’ Roses)
  • Juliette Lewis (actress in films such as Cape Fear and Natural Born Killers).
  • Philip Anthony-Rodriquez (actor in CSI: NY, CSI: Miami and Modern Family).
  • Iggy Pop (singer of The Stooges).
  • Frank Ocean (singer and rapper from Odd Future).

One rumor suggested that Joe Rogan is to voice a podcast on one of the GTA VI stations. This is unconfirmed, but if accurate, it could be a really interesting concept.

The games have always had funny interview segments, usually involving intriguing and sometimes strange people. One of the best examples is KChat from GTA: Vice City. Guests that appeared ranged from a Viking to a dolphin trainer who falls in love with the animals he keeps (in the weird and wrong way).

Knowing this, it would be unsurprising and on-brand for Joe Rogan to have his own bit in the upcoming installment.

We would, of course, hope to hear other familiar voices as well. Fingers crossed that Rockstar picks a great playlist and writes some memorable quips!

Who Will You Play As in GTA 6?

GTA 5 Characters
Image Source: Rockstar Games

Now that we’ve gone over possible celebrity cameos and the return of fan favorites, it’s time to talk about the playable characters themselves.

There’s a ton of speculation on who exactly these new figures will be, specifically on whether or not GTA 6 will feature multiple characters like GTA V or go back to its roots of playing solo. On one side, fans believe that Grand Theft Auto 6 will usher in a Bonnie and Clyde storyline, making your mark around the city as the infamous couple. The multi-characters have certainly worked in the past with the likes of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a concept like this again in its next phase.

I, personally, wouldn’t mind if GTA 6 followed along the path of Red Dead Redemption 2 given my soft spot for everyone’s favorite cowboy, Arthur Morgan. It does allow you to grow more with a singular character’s journey, but it’s still impactful to see how all the multiple protagonists end up together, no matter how chaotic it may be.

Yet, if Grand Theft Auto 6 does follow Bonnie and Clyde’s story, it might not work out as well as it did for the crew in GTA V.

Whatever the case may be, our questions will hopefully be answered with the GTA 6 trailer. It was definitely a long wait, but at least we don’t have to dream about its debut anymore.

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