Missed a PS5 or Xbox Series X Pre-Order? Here Are 5 Positives to Cheer You Up

PS5 Xbox Series X

We’re less than two months away from the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S being on store shelves and in fans’ homes around the world. Touting 4K visuals, loading time magic thanks to SSDs, and up to 120FPS experiences, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are some of the most sought-after gadgets players can get their hands on this holiday season. But what if you’ve missed out on that first round of pre-orders for your choice of next-gen system? Fear not, it’s not all doom and gloom, as we go over some of the positives to not getting a PS5 or Xbox Series X pre-order.

There Aren’t a Ton of Games You Can’t Play on Your Current System

Let’s start with the most significant reason for picking up a next-gen console — the games. At this moment in time, there’s not a whole lot that’s exclusive to either the PS5 or Xbox Series X on release date, let alone in the months that follow.

Sure PS5 players may be enjoying Sackboy and Demon’s Souls on day-one, but that’s about it, so if souls-like games aren’t your jam, there’s little reason for all that FOMO. Even Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming to the PS4, and other third-party blockbusters set for this holiday season like Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Black Ops: Cold War, Watch Dogs Legion, and FIFA 21 are releasing for both PS4 and Xbox One, too.

When looking at the Xbox Series X launch line-up, there are even fewer exclusives that you can’t play elsewhere. Gears Tactics has been out on PC for months now and is included in Game Pass Ultimate / Game Pass for PC subscriptions.

While the games will certainly look and play better on a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, you won’t be missing out on a whole lot for the first few months that the consoles are out. Yes, it’s nice to be part of the hubbub on release date, but it’s not the end of the world if you’re not.

Games Could Go Down in Price in Post-Release Sales

So you’re really interested in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, or Demon’s Souls and you know you’ve got to get a next-gen console to enjoy them. Even after the huge expense of these next-gen consoles, you’ll then have to buy the game, with some already confirmed to be releasing at $69.99.

Just because they start at this price, however, doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. In fact, it could be argued that this new pricing structure may be altered over the next year or so as developers and publishers find the sweet spot, particularly if $70 titles struggle with sales.

Even if the typical structure isn’t altered, PlayStation and Microsoft are frequently throwing digital game sales on their storefronts that can see huge discounts on all manner of games. While it might suck that you’ve got to wait a little longer to experience these true next-gen experiences, at least there’s a chance you can save yourself some cash on these games in a sale when you do get your system.

Launch System Hardware Woes

PS5 Xbox Series X

Having worked in a GAME store during the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases, I can confirm that despite them being far more reliable than their predecessors, they weren’t without their hardware issues.

Granted, these weren’t quite on the same scale as the 360’s RROD or the PS3’s YLOD, but the point is, launch systems tend to have a few more hardware issues than those that come further down the line.

This could be due to the fact this is the first batch of these consoles now being mass-produced, other times it may just be unforeseen issues that arise when players use their systems in certain ways.

Whatever it is, these problems do tend to get ironed out as both Microsoft and Sony refine their hardware manufacturing processes, and even more so when they release their slimline versions a couple years into the generation.

This isn’t meant to be scaremongering for those who have pre-ordered an Xbox Series X and/or a PS5. It’s just something that’s always worth keeping in mind, especially if you plan to be putting a ton of hours on your hardware each week.

At Least It Gives You a Gift Idea to Share with Friends and Family!

xbox series x, xbox series s, which to buy?

The great thing about these Fall-time releases for the PS5 and Xbox Series X is they land just a few weeks before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and just a little over a month away from Christmas.

If, like me, you’re told you’re a real pain to buy gifts for, then these new system are a good — albeit pricey — idea you can share with friends and family. Sony and Microsoft will be pushing as many consoles as they can to retailers from release date, so stock will likely appear in the weeks that follow.

Even if your friends or family aren’t in a position to buy you a system outright, you could always ask for Gift Vouchers or Gift Cards that you can put towards your shiny, new console. You could even have them buy accessories, digital store credit, or even some games if you’re confident of getting one yourself not long after launch.

There’s Still Hope to Nab Yourself a Pre-Order!

Let’s be real, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-order days were nightmarish. Websites crashed, dates and times weren’t shared in the PS5’s instance, and stock in physical retailers seemed to be extremely limited. In fact, it’s probably all of this chaos that led you to not securing a pre-order of your own, and reading this post!

Since then, Sony’s apologized for how it handled its pre-orders situation, promising that more consoles will be made available for pre-order in the coming weeks. Microsoft seems to be intermittently releasing more Xbox Series X’s pre-orders via its online store, so all hope is not lost yet.

The best thing you can do is keep an eye out on Twitter and keep checking your preferred online retailers. You never know, you might get lucky!

Are you still fighting to get yourself a PS5 or Xbox Series X pre-order ahead of release date? Have you admitted defeat and are happy to wait? Whichever side you’re on, let us know down in the comments below!

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