New Valorant Agent Gekko: All Abilities, Lore, & Release Date

What you need to know about Agent 22.

Valorant Agent 22 gekko all abilities detailed and everything we know

The first episode of Valorant’s Episode 6 saw the arrival of the new map Lotus, and there’s more content on the way in the form of a new Agent for the second Act coming next week. After having now been revealed by Riot Games, we’re sharing everything there is to know about Valorant’s Agent 22, Gekko, as well as when you can play him.

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Valorant Agent Gekko Reveal Trailer

Riot Games has now officially revealed Valorant’s latest Agent, Gekko, with a brand new story trailer. You can check it out below.

All Valorant Gekko Abilities Explained

Dizzy (E)

  • EQUIP Dizzy FIRE to send Dizzy soaring forward through the air. Dizzy charges and then unleashes plasma blasts at enemies in line of sight. Enemies hit by her plasma are blinded. When Dizzy expires she reverts into a dormant globule INTERACT to reclaim the globule and gain another Dizzy charge after a short cooldown.

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Wingman (Q)

  • EQUIP Wingman FIRE to send Wingman forward seeking enemies. Wingman unleashes a concussive blast toward the first enemy he sees ALT FIRE when targeting a Spike site or planted Spike to have Wingman defuse or plant the Spike. To plant, Gekko must have the Spike in his inventory. When Wingman expires he reverts into a dormant globule INTERACT to reclaim the globule and gain another Wingman charge after a short cooldown.

Mosh Pit (C)

  • EQUIP Mosh FIRE to throw Mosh like a grenade ALT FIRE to throw underhand. Upon landing Mosh duplicates across a large area then after a short delay explodes.

Thrash (X)

  • EQUIP Thrash FIRE to link with Thrash’s mind and steer her through enemy territory ACTIVATE to lunge forward and explode, detaining any enemies in a small radius. When Thrash expires she reverts into a dormant globule INTERACT to reclaim the globule and gain another Thrash charge after a short cooldown. Thrash can be reclaimed once.

You can check out Gekko’s abilities in action below.

In the build-up to Gekko’s reveal, the Agent was described as having their own “eclectic way of dealing with situations,” which pointed toward Gekko having a rather unusual belt of utility. Further, he would have “new ways to check corners, reveal locations, and plant the spike.” Those were very interesting clues; of course, initiators are typically able to provide intel to their teams, which means checking corners and revealing locations is fairly standard. But as we’ve now discovered, Gekko is unlike any other Agent in the game.

What Agent Type Is Gekko? Answered

Gekko is an Initiator-type Agent, which comes as a little bit of a surprise given that it’s been quite some time since we’ve had a new duelist in the game. If you remember, Fade was the last initiator added to Valorant, and she was directly before Harbor who himself is the second newest Agent. But it seems that Riot Games doesn’t necessarily want to evenly rotate the types of Agents added to the game, and so we find ourselves with another initiator.

When Does Gekko Release?

Gekko will launch this week as part of Episode 6, Act 2. They are the major new content update, just as Lotus was for Act 1. For those in North America, he will become available to play on Tuesday, March. 7, while those in Europe and Asia will have to wait a day longer, as is typical.

To play the Agent straight away you will need to purchase five tiers of his contract; alternatively, you can play through them instead and earn XP to beat each tier. Remember, completing daily and weekly challenges speeds up this process, but it still takes a while.

Agent ‘Gekko’ Name Explained

Unusually, Valorant’s latest Agent didn’t receive the usual codename that we often see datamined well ahead of its launch. This time around, the official name was found buried amongst in-game files and found by dataminers such as ValorLeaks.

As for what the name means, well, it should be pretty self-explanatory, but if you don’t know Geckos they’re small lizards found in warm climates. Quite how that’s related to the Agent isn’t clear, except for the fact that we know Gekko is Hispanic and from Mexico.

Again, we’ll keep you posted with new information as and when we hear it. For now, that’s everything there is to know about Valorant Agent 22, Gekko. For more content on the game, search Twinfinite or check out some of the related pages below.

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