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8 Life Is Strange Characters I’d Sacrifice Arcadia Bay for to Get Their Own Spin-Off

It's time to rewind and revisit these eight characters for their own stories.

The Life is Strange franchise has introduced many beloved protagonists and side characters throughout its four titles, as well as bonus episodes and spin-offs. While not every character has a major role, some have been known to return further down the line in later games, such as David’s cameo in Life is Strange 2 or Steph’s role as a love interest in Life is Strange: True Colors.

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Keeping this in mind, there are several characters who deserve to return with a more major role, and we’ve listed them off. Here’s eight characters that could return to lead the next Life is Strange spin-off game.

Mikey North

Mikey in Life is Strange: Before the Storm
Image Source: Deck Nine & Dontnod Entertainment

Mikey North was a supporting character in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, as the best friend to Steph Gingrich and friend to Chloe Price. Mikey spent time with Chloe and Steph playing tabletop games and generally nerding out, showing his goofy, friendly, and loveable personality right off the bat. Mikey has his hardships, too, linked to his family’s struggle for money and his elder brother’s involvement with shady individuals to try to help remedy this need for cash.

With Steph reappearing as a main love interest in Life is Strange: True Colors, and the protagonist of the Wavelengths DLC, many fans hoped that Mikey would return as a minor character, keeping the best friend duo in check. Unfortunately, while it was revealed Mikey and Steph still stay in touch with one another, Steph had backed off from her friendships after going through a hard time, meaning Mikey’s role was a friend desperately trying to reach out and being shut out from her life.

Mikey had much more to him than simply being Steph’s sidekick, so a game that gives him a more significant role as a protagonist could be exciting. There would be plenty of opportunities to include DnD-esque minigames or LARP scenes, such as in True Colors. It would also be particularly satisfying to see his elder brother, Drew, return alongside him.

Drew’s appearance in Before the Storm introduced him as quite aggressive and bullyish, so it would be nice to have seen him grow up a bit and show more of the kindhearted, protective side that Mikey mentioned. I’d love to see these two, a few years down the track sharing the same brotherly love that Sean and Daniel found in Life is Strange 2, and the story possibilities for them are endless, considering they moved out of Arcadia Bay.

Finn & Cassidy

Finn and Cassidy in Life is Strange 2
Image Source: Deck Nine & Dontnod Entertainment

Finn and Cassidy are the much-adored love interests of Sean in Life is Strange 2 and members of a group of runaways known as ‘The Drifters’. Finn and Cassidy are free-spirited individuals with a strong dash of sarcasm, constantly poking fun and simply living in the moment. While Sean and Daniel join The Drifters for a period throughout their story, we get to know Finn and Cassidy a little more on a personal level and some vague information on how The Drifters came to be.

Finn and Cassidy are such interesting, unique, and charismatic characters that many fans would be ecstatic about their return. I could easily see these two leading their own game before the events of Life is Strange 2. Imagine Finn as the primary protagonist, beginning when he’s first released from jail, and his journey leading up to meeting Hannah, Cassidy, and Penny, to form The Drifters. Cassidy would be the perfect supporting protagonist for a game such as this, too, due to her role in keeping Finn in line as a leader when he oversteps his boundaries.

As The Drifters move around so frequently, there’s an opportunity for the setting to involve somewhere new or familiar, and the gang would undeniably bring a warm cozy vibe to the screen. Indie music playing in the background over a cutscene of the group sharing laughs around a campfire, a group of runaways who have all put away their dark pasts and found one another, focusing on positivity; it just screams Life is Strange.

Besides, there’s always plenty of room to throw in some ominous mystery or tragedy involving the group. As a group of misfits in a self-established community, who knows what kind of places they’ll visit, what people they’ll meet along the way, or the trouble that will be found? After all, they’re all running from their pasts, so who knows when it might finally catch up to them? I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to find out.

Lyla Park

Lyla in Life is Strange 2
Image Source: Deck Nine & Dontnod Entertainment

Lyla, you precious human being. No, seriously, there are very few side characters that I’ve seen become so well-loved by a gaming community. As Sean’s best friend, Lyla played a minor role in Life is Strange 2. However, the two were quickly forced to part ways after all of the chaos occurred. In her brief introduction, Lyla was shown to be friendly, supportive, sarcastic, and playful. She played the role of matchmaker, trying to set Sean up with his crush, and was extremely kindhearted and loving towards Daniel. Plus, she had this super cool, casual skater-girl energy to her. Honestly, there really isn’t anything to dislike about her.

Even when Sean suddenly abandons her, forced to leave town on the run with Daniel, Lyla sticks by his side no matter what. There are multiple chances to make contact with her through brief phone conversations, and on each occasion, she only wants to know if the brothers are safe and unharmed. She holds zero malice towards them for the tragedy and wholeheartedly believes their story, even when the world is against them. These traits make Lyla so damn loveable, and fans wish she would have received more voice lines/phone calls during their journey.

Now, depending on the ending of Life is Strange 2; there is a chance Lyla never sees the brothers again. This would be the perfect chance to spin her into a protagonist role, having her leave town on a journey of personal growth and healing after suffering such tragedies. After all, she had mentioned to Sean on the phone that she was now on medication to help insomnia and mental health issues caused by the stress of the ordeal. It would be so fulfilling to see her come out the other side of this and find some light in the world again.

On the other hand, there is an ending to the Life is Strange 2 game where Sean ends up going to prison for several years. This period could also be a prime opportunity for Lyla to leave town for a while and focus on herself. There are a lot of possibilities for this sort of route, too, such as occasional phone calls or letters sent to Sean, staying in contact, and exploring the world on his behalf while he’s behind bars.

Victoria Chase

Victoria in Life is Strange
Image Source: Deck Nine & Dontnod Entertainment

Anyone who’s played the original Life is Strange title will remember the mean-spirited popular girl and leader of the Vortex Club, Victoria Chase. For most of the storyline, Victoria is quite the nasty, bullying figure towards Max. However, there is much more to her than meets the eye. Depending on the choices you make as Max, you will eventually come to see another side of Victoria, who apologizes for how she’s treated Max and reveals she was secretly jealous of her and has high aspirations to become a photographer. Hence, she saw her as direct competition.

Victoria is the type of character to hide many of her more vulnerable qualities, and it was quite a surprise to see her confess that Max was “one of the coolest people she knows.” For this reason, she would be a fascinating character to visit from the perspective of a protagonist and get to know her inner self. Victoria is also one of the characters to survive the storm whether Arcadia Bay is sacrificed or not, as seen in her letter to David in Life is Strange 2. Therefore, she makes the perfect character to use as a returning protagonist.

Alternatively, I’d love to see another prequel game featuring Victoria’s involvement in the Vortex Club, perhaps alongside the likes of Nathan. This is because not only were the Vortex Club the notorious popular clique of Blackwell Academy, but they also had ties to the shady druggings and kidnappings going on behind closed scenes due to Nathan’s involvement with Jefferson.

I really would love to know if the Vortex Club truthfully had any inkling of an idea about what actually happened to Kate and if that contributed to their bullying, as well as the thoughts going on around them when they realized the dark truth. A game set not long after Before the Storm could focus on the Vortex Club’s origins and descent into a darker, more shady path. Plus, it would be great to see characters such as Courtney and Taylor get more fleshed-out personalities and backstories as Vic’s best friends, and a Vortex Club spin-off seems the perfect way to do so.

Chris Ericksen

Chris in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
Image Source: Deck Nine & Dontnod Entertainment

How could anyone forget about adorable, loveable little Chris? Chris Ericksen is the superhero-obsessed main protagonist in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and a side character in Life is Strange 2 that stumbles across Sean and Daniel when they move in next door.

If you’ve played through Captain Spirit, you’ll understand that despite his cheery personality and bright imagination, Chris doesn’t have the happiest life. His mother passed away sometime previous to the game, and his father is alluded to be both an alcoholic and abusive towards Chris throughout the short duration of the game. Because of this, it becomes clear that Chris is using his imagination to escape reality, which is a heartbreaking conclusion to draw.

However, we finally get to see him experiencing some happiness in the form of his friendship with Daniel in Life is Strange 2. Knowing that the Diaz brothers had Chris’ back no matter what warmed my heart, which is why I was so disappointed when they were forced back on the run from the Police, leaving him behind so soon. Despite this, in several of the different endings available in the game, Daniel returns to live with his grandparents as Chris’ neighbor, and the two are shown to have grown up together.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see a Life is Strange spin-off with Chris and Daniel as the main characters, Chris in a protagonist role, and Daniel as his partner in crime. Presuming his father remains the same towards him throughout his teenage years, I’d like to think Chris transitions from using his imagination to helping and saving others as his escape – much like the superhero obsession his inner child carries. And who better to assist him than Daniel, a friend with very real powers?

There are some hints during dependent endings in Life is Strange 2 that Daniel begins to use his powers for good, stopping a major bus crash and more. I’d like to think Chris has a role in helping him use his powers for good, just like a superhero. I’d also love to see Chris finally stand up to his father’s hurtful behavior and perhaps even leave Beaver Creek for good on an adventure, either with Daniel at his side like a Max and Chloe duo or kept in contact via text messages and calls along the way. Poor Chris deserves so much better than what he’s received, and I’m all for him making a comeback.

Nathan Prescott

Nathan in Life is Strange
Image Source: Deck Nine & Dontnod Entertainment

Nathan Prescott, boy, oh boy. This guy is the character fans love to hate. Not only is he responsible for the death of Chloe Price, dependant on Max’s choice to rewind time and save her, but he’s also involved in the drugging and kidnapping of female students for one hella messed up photography project, inspired by the likes of Mr. Mark Jefferson himself. Oh, and yeah, he was also directly involved in Rachel Amber’s death by drugging her, causing her to overdose. Not a great start for Nathan, right?

Well, both in the original Life is Strange and Before the Storm, there are little snippets of Nathan’s home life and struggles revealed as little glimpses of insight into his character. His father is a total, unsupportive bully and adds a lot of pressure on Nathan, so no wonder his son becomes a bully toward others. On top of this, there are hints towards some serious mental health issues Nathan has going on behind closed doors that led me to stop saying, “He’s such an ass,” and start saying, “Oh my god, he needs help that nobody cares to give him.”

Let’s not forget just how remorseful Nathan sounded on the phone call in Episode 5 of Life is Strange. The poor guy exclaims that Jefferson used him, just like everyone else did, and despite his wrongdoings, I ended up feeling quite bad for the guy. I mean, he’s just a kid, like the rest of them. And then the poor guy is killed by Jefferson too, which adds another twisted layer onto the whole painting of seriously messed up shit. And it’s revealed he was bullied in Before the Storm, so perhaps Nathan was looking for somewhere, anywhere, to fit in, even if it was with creepy Jefferson.

I think seeing Nathan in a protagonist role somewhere between the events of Life is Strange and Before the Storm could be very interesting. Knowing what was secretly going through his mind would create a very dark, moody game. And sure, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it would be fascinating to see his descent into darkness and every step he took on his path of mistakes.

It would give a chance to explore the reality of mental health issues in youth and further convey that Nathan did indeed have regrets and remorse. Seeing things from his perspective may show that despite all his wrongdoings, he’s human, and just as the butterfly effect details, one little wrong choice may have devastating effects.

Kate Marsh

Kate in Life is Strange
Image Source: Deck Nine & Dontnod Entertainment

Kate Marsh is the sweetest character you’ll ever meet throughout your playthrough of Life is Strange. Seriously, she’s such a kind soul and never has anything bad to say about anyone, regardless of how they’ve treated her. Unfortunately, she also suffers one of the most heartbreaking stories in the game, being bullied for how she acted at a Vortex Club party.

It isn’t revealed until later that Kate was drugged and kidnapped as part of Mr. Jefferson’s sick photography project, but by then, this poor girl has already suffered so much from how others treat her that she contemplates ending her life from the rooftop of Blackwell Academy. Thankfully, as Max, you can talk her down and ultimately save her life. And I swear if any of you failed to do so, you better have restarted your games! Kate deserves so much better than meeting her end so young.

If you do manage to talk her down, you will be able to visit Kate in the hospital later, where she seems to be in much better spirits. This absolute sweetheart deserves the world, and I seriously hope she gets to achieve her goal of being a children’s book illustrator; it just fits so perfectly with her whole character. Besides, the other titles in the series have already proven that not everyone in Arcadia Bay perishes if the town is sacrificed. Considering she was in the hospital, which would likely be one of the safest buildings, there’s high hope that Kate is among the survivors.

I’d love to see her journey when she’s a bit older when she can fully embrace herself, gain confidence in herself, and continue life as the lovely soul she is. If she was to have a protagonist role, I could see her showering characters in random acts of kindness and spreading joy wherever she goes, and honestly, she deserves to do so after the hell she endured in the first game.

There’s also an opportunity for a sketchbook mechanic similar to Sean’s in Life is Strange 2, filled with all her fun, whimsical little drawings. Kate is a character who deserves to have her inner child cherished, and as many fans have passionately declared, she must be protected at all costs. Honestly, I don’t think anyone could complain if Kate made a return. She’s way too loved, and I’m sure she could find the light in even the most emotional of tales, helping others out of dark places as Max once did for her.

Rachel Amber

Rachel in Life is Strange: Before the Storm
Image Source: Deck Nine & Dontnod Entertainment

Of course, this list would only be complete with the star of the show, Miss Rachel Amber herself. Rachel is a core character in the Life is Strange series, with the entire first game revolving around Max and Chloe tracking down her disappearance, only to learn that she had tragically passed away.

Fortunately, Life is Strange: Before the Storm brought her back to life in a prequel tale from the perspective of Chloe. This game focused on the relationship between the two, how they became friends/lovers, and their unique dynamic.

Seeing Rachel in this light only made her death from the first game sting more. She was such a cool character, and her story still feels somewhat untold. The entire time I was playing as Chloe in Before the Storm and listening to Rachel speak, all I wanted was to be playing as Rachel so I could truly know what was going on in that mysterious mind of hers.

The star student, the girl that has it all, having her life ripped apart by a web of lies; upon watching her closely, I began to notice just how often she had to wear a ‘mask’ to please others and understood why she became so desperate to leave Arcadia Bay.

Now, knowing the events of Before the Storm and the fact that she was hellbent on finding a way out of town, I’ve begun to question whether some of the choices she made leading up to her death had closer ties to this desperation than what we’re initially led to believe. There’s the hint that she was doing drugs regularly, perhaps as a temporary feeling of escape since there was nowhere for her to run.

And the hint towards the secret relationship with Frank in the original Life is Strange? I’m sorry, but what? This left me surprised, and the more I’ve pondered it, I’ve wondered if Rachel was growing so desperate for a way out that she turned to Frank.

Frank has been known to deal drugs, and Nathan claims that before her death, Rachel was doing the same (presumably to make money and leave town). Frank also has links to her mother, Sera, who we all know lives out of town. So perhaps she was trying to get a way out through her?

Ultimately there’s no denying that Rachel’s desperation and inner turmoil led to her heartbreaking death. What I love so much about her is that she’s so much more complex than the star student everyone makes her out to be. And while some people see her as manipulative, I genuinely think her connection with Chloe was real, but she grew restless and desperate once she realized Chloe offered no help or solution in actually getting her out of town, despite their daydreams.

Honestly, ever since playing the prequel, I’ve been desperate to get a game from Rachel’s perspective between the events of Before the Storm and her death. I just need to know what’s going on in that head underneath those constant masks she wears.

It was like the girl’s entire mind was a labyrinth; every word she spoke had some deeper meaning that only she understood. Please, Deck Nine & Square Enix, on behalf of Rachel fans everywhere, give her one last time to shine and shed some light on her inner self; it’s all we want.

That’s it for 8 characters that could lead the next Life is Strange spin-off. For more lists, news, and guides on the series, check out the rest of our content. We have plenty more topics on the Life Is Strange franchise, so feel free to scroll down and have a look at our related posts for yourself.

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