10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega Fan in Your Life

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega-Fan in Your Life

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and here's a few gift ideas for your CoD mega fan.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and, as usual, the holiday season brings a new entry in the longstanding FPS juggernaut known as Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 2 is the latest game to take over the market, and if there’s a CoD fan in your life, you’ve probably heard countless tales of this new entry. Speaking of said CoD fans, with the holiday season coming, you might want to snag them a gift to show appreciation. We’re going to make the holiday shopping a bit easier; here are 10 Call of Duty gift ideas for the CoD fan in your life.

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Tickets to a Call of Duty League Event

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega Fan in Your Life
Image Source: Call of Duty League

Starting the list off with a roar from the crowd, Call of Duty has an esports scene home to the world’s best talent. 12 teams battle it out over the course of a few months to be crowned the world champion of competitive Call of Duty. Given the massive amount of content CoD has to offer for casual fans, it’s easy to forget there is a bustling esports scene.

What better gift to give your mega-fan than a chance to see the best players in the world battle on stage in front of a live crowd? Head on over to the Call of Duty League site for official dates of events being hosted so that your mega-fan can participate in an experience like no other.

Apparel From the Official Call of Duty Store

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega Fan in Your Life
Image Source: Call of Duty

On a rather surprising note, the official Call of Duty merchandise shop features some of the best merchandise I’ve ever seen, especially in the apparel department. Some of my favorites are the anime-inspired take on Task Force 141’s characters, such as Ghost.

It’s going to be cold outside pretty soon, and there are plenty of sweaters and long sleeve shirts to keep your gamer warm, yet stylish while gaming.

MW2 Displate Posters

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega Fan in Your Life
Image Source: Displate

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Displate brand of posters. If you haven’t, Displate is a site that sells a large variety of metal posters. It sounds scary, but the work done by the numerous artists is a sight to behold, as there is a mountain of different styles and household names to choose from. 

Unsurprisingly, Displate boasts a large number of Call of Duty-related posters to make any fan happy. Browse the site’s extensive database to choose from a diverse selection of character posters, in-game logos, and much more. These posters may be a bit on the pricier side, given that these are metal posters, but the quality and craftsmanship are unmatched.

CoD Points Bundle/Battle Pass

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega Fan in Your Life
Image Source: Infinity Ward

Let’s shift gears and talk about the in-game merchandise your fan would love to have. Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 boast a large variety of in-game cosmetics that can be earned through the battle pass system or purchased through the in-game store.

One of the most timeless gifts for video game players is a gift card, and there’s ample opportunity to be found in CoD. Purchase a gift card that rewards CoD points, the game’s in-game currency, so that they can be used to purchase any in-game item they want. The battle pass does give more bang for your buck, so be sure to stress that when gifting CoD points. This is a perfect gift for those who already have the latest Call of Duty game.

Vault Edition of MW2

Is the Vault Edition Worth It in Modern Warfare 2? Explained
Image Source: Infinity Ward

If the person you’re shopping for already has the latest CoD game, this is geared for those who don’t have it yet. The Vault Edition is this year’s highest edition, granting the player numerous character and weapon skins to look stylish while they dominate the in-game battlefield. On top of that, it gifts them the game, on their platform of choice, and half of the first season’s battle pass.

We did a breakdown of this edition’s value, and quite honestly, you can’t go wrong with the Vault Edition. If they already have the game, you can pay the difference to gift them the extra neat cosmetics.

SCUF Controller

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega-Fan in Your Life
SCUF Gaming

When it comes to CoD, most people are into it for multiplayer, as nothing beats the standard formula CoD has spent the past 15 years perfecting. For hardcore gamers, SCUF Gaming provides the best peripherals needed for those long late night grinding sessions in order to dominate lobbies.

SCUF Gaming has been a household name for competitive gamers for quite some time. Although a bit pricier, the controllers SCUF creates are top-tier. Providing many different options for button customization and the opportunity to make a custom controller, or get your favorite creator’s controller, SCUF has dominated the peripheral scene by giving gamers an edge over the competition. 

Double XP Snack Package

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega Fan in Your Life
Image Source: Mountain Dew

Aside from good gaming peripherals, every gamer needs gamer fuel. As a custom for Call of Duty, major snack providers are partnering with the FPS titan to provide gamers the edge over the competition.

Purchasing select cans of Mountain Dew, bags of Doritos, or Beef Jerky will net you double XP codes that can be used in-game. Rack up those double XP tokens and watch your favorite gamer rank up faster. Any gamer would appreciate a “Care Package” of the above various items to get the edge over gamers in-game and outside of the game. Be sure to moderately purchase said items; they aren’t exactly the gold standard for healthy gaming.

Bobble Head Figurines of Iconic Characters

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega Fan in Your Life
Image Source: Amazon

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate the little things in life. This includes snack packages and the current item on this list: bobbleheads or collectibles based on fan-favorite characters. The most prominent of collectibles is the Funko POP! which has just about every character from every iconic series ever made. Call of Duty is no different as the above image is a throwback to CoD 4: Modern Warfare from one of the most iconic missions of all time, “All Ghillied Up.”

Aside from that one, there are plenty of neat little figures that are comparable such as this statue of Ghost, who is supernaturally strong and can carry a controller when it’s time to hop off the games. Perhaps a SCUF controller and the Ghost statue would be a nice little gift to give!

Neon Signs

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega Fan in Your Life
Image Source: Led Lab Cave

When all else fails, what better gift to give than one that raises the electric bill yet looks so stylish at the same time? 

Neon signs are always an amazing gift to give or receive, as they can be gifted in many ways. You can gift a default sign that casts the bright red light of the iconic “Juggernog” perk found on Etsy, or you can create a custom one bearing Ghost’s face with the receiver’s name. The sky is the limit for such a stylish gift. Again, make sure you don’t look at the electric bill if you do give one of these out!

PC Peripherals

10 Call of Duty Gift Ideas for the CoD Mega Fan in Your Life
Image Source: Amazon

Last but not least, for all the PC players out there, this one is for them.

Gaming has seen a sharp rise in the past few years as everyone has been trapped inside due to forces outside of their control. This rise has been spearheaded by the lack of next-gen consoles, turning everyone to PC gaming to fill the gap.

PC peripherals come in many shapes and sizes, but the RGB peripherals are fan favorites. If a neon sign is a bit too bright for you, consider a mouse pad boasting one of the CoD franchise’s most iconic characters on it, sold on Etsy. He’ll light the way to victory for your mega-fan and put a smile on their face.

That does it for our list of Call of Duty gift ideas for the holidays. Did you end up picking any of these up? Let us know in the comments down below.

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