Halloween Pumpkin Decoration in Final Fantasy 14
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10 Best Halloween Home Decorations in FFXIV

The night is darkest just before the Dawn(trail).

It’s spooky season in Eorzea! To get in the spirit of things, players in Final Fantasy 14 have been busy decorating their homes with all manner of pumpkins, cobwebs, and tombstones. Whether it’s a cozy Autumnal spot, a haunted mansion, or a costume party spot for their Free Company, these Warriors of Light have worked their interior design magic to transform their homes for Halloween. As we look forward to this year’s All Saints’ Wake event, here are some of the 10 Best Halloween Home Decorations in Final Fantasy 14.

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Murder Mystery House

Murder Mystery House by RazerSQL in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Square Enix via RazerSQL

What better way to start off the list than with a good old-fashioned haunted house? Reddit user RazerSQL has decorated this house inside and out with all the spooky iconography you’d expect to see, as well as plenty of surprises along the way.

The gloomy Ishgard housing makes for a perfect start to this build. Orange-leaved trees and a glowing firepit help set the mood outside the house, while inside, each room is themed to keep visitors on their toes. The main hall is decorated with the usual jack-o-lanterns and seasonal garlands. Meanwhile, the library is the site of a gruesome murder, there’s a morbol stewing in the kitchen, and most horrifying of all, a Lalafell blood rite taking place on the patio.

Spoopy Halloween Hangout

Halloween Free Company House by Aetherial Inkers in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Square Enix via Aetherial Inkers

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about blood-splattered fright. Aetherial Inkers has decorated his Free Company’s house with bright orange and purples, making for an inviting hangout spot throughout October. This is another house located in the Empyreum, but the contrast between this house and the murder mystery house above show the extent of how Final Fantasy 14‘s housing tools can be used to create individual looks.

The cutesy vibe and color theming continue throughout the house, with Aetherial’s Warrior of Light guiding us around dressed in full witch regalia with a color palette to suit the decor. Sure there are a few creepy dolls scattered around the house, but this is otherwise the perfect setting for a fun party to celebrate All Saints’ Wake.

Crystal Lake Cabin

Crystal Lake Cabin by Kimmi_morningstar in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Square Enix via Kimmi_morningstar

The Friday the 13th franchise isn’t one you’d expect to see getting a crossover with Final Fantasy 14, but here’s one player’s stab at it. Reddit user Kimmi_morningstar has fixed up a log cabin just like the ones where horror icon Jason Voorhees hangs about at Camp Crystal Lake.

There are no pumpkins in sight here, but sure enough, there’s already been a murder. A doll prop has been positioned so that only the head is visible among a pool of blood. Meanwhile, the ghost of a previous victim (or perhaps it’s Jason’s mother) is lingering around the cabin. A whole lot of time has clearly gone into creating this room, with loads of carefully placed log partitions used to create the cabin effect.


Halloweentown player house by Figbrook in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Square Enix via Figbrook

Another house taking inspiration from the movies, this one from the decidedly more family-friendly Disney Channel Original Movie, Halloweentown. This is a tasteful interior decor job from Reddit user Figbrook, with big Pacific Northwest vibes. It’s all wood and straw and warming lights. Conveniently there’s also a snack stand so players can grab a warming slice of pie as they mingle around the giant pumpkin.

This impressive centerpiece is constructed from 12 Staggered Shelves, which have been carefully positioned to create the sphere effect. The face is made from Glade Lanterns, and the stalk is a Log Pillar. Although this is a new house design for 2023, Figbrook first created the giant pumpkin for their equally amazing Monster Mash house in 2022.

Haunted Mausoleum

Haunted Mausoleum by Reddit user itsyabooblue in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Square Enix via itsyabooblue

A fantastic use of a single room, this Haunted Mausoleum by Reddit user itsyabooblue is truly chilling. Created inside a house in The Goblet housing district of Ul’dah, the dropped floor and stained glass windows make this a perfect location for the concept.

Light streams in through the window, illuminating the coffin of some poor Eorzean who didn’t make it. Flowers both on top of and beside the coffin act as markers of respect to whoever is laid to rest inside. Unfortunately whoever it is doesn’t seem too restful, as the ghost of a Viera hangs out in the corner of the room.

This is a great example of how players can create their own interesting themed spaces in the game without having to utilize a mountain of decorative items.

Beginning of Fall

Beginning of Fall player house by dimblacklights in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Square Enix via dimblacklights

Taking a momentary break from all the spookiness, here’s an outdoor area that revels in the warming colors and textures of Autumn. Oh sure, there are a couple of tiny ghost decorations chilling by the pumpkins, but they’re harmless.

Reddit user dimblacklights‘ garden design may be lacking a little bit of a fantastical element, but that only serves to make it feel more homely. The use of light sources here makes the area feel extra comfy, and the particular shade of green lighting around the doorway is evocative of Final Fantasy 7’s Midgar. The perfect little quiet space for the Warrior of Light while they wait for next year’s adventure in sunny Tural.

Garden of Penthos

Garden of Penthos player house by Luc1d17y in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Final Fantasy 14 via Luc1d17y

From a cozy garden to one you’d probably rather stay away from after dark. Reddit user Luc1d17y designed this seasonal yard area to evoke a very specific feeling. In Greek mythology, Penthos was the spirit of grief and mourning. Between its drooping foliage and crumbling walls, they’ve absolutely nailed that sensation of bleakness.

It’s easy to imagine some Roderick Usher-like recluse living out his remaining days inside the house waiting to be joined again with his lost loved one. Hidden deeper within the garden a glowing Aetherite perhaps holds the soul of this poor individual.

Luc1d17y redecorates the exterior of the house for each season, so hopefully things are looking up in time for the winter holidays.

Astral Clocktower

Astral Clocktower player house by Saran_Kharlu in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Square Enix via Saran_Kharlu

Recreating the Astral Clocktower from Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC is a novel idea you wouldn’t expect to see in Final Fantasy 14. In this house from Limsa Lominsa’s Mist district, however, Reddit user Saran_Kharlu has found the perfect location to do just that.

Home to Bloodborne’s toughest hunter, Lady Maria, painstaking effort has gone into recreating the area in all its imposing majesty. Saran designed the room specifically so that they could cosplay as Lady Maria inside of it, sharing more shots of her character sitting in the throne on their X account. Players may still be waiting for a Bloodborne port on PC, but until that happens, this may be the next best thing.


Graveyard by Greyven in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Square Enix via Greyven

This small graveyard area may not be quite as impressive a project as many of the other houses on this list, but members of Reddit’s FFXIV Home and Garden subreddit have been loving the simple but effective use of items that have been used to create the effect.

Greyven, the designer behind the graveyard plot, used Simple Fountains facing backward to create the look of tombstones. Putting a Low Garden Hedge behind them hides the front part of the fountain, while a Smashed Flower Pot gives the effect of the grave having been freshly dug.

All of these items can be acquired pretty cheaply from the Market Board, making it a relatively quick and inexpensive way to add a bit of spookiness to your home just in time for Halloween.

Hellfire Club

Halloween Free Company House by Ryuuka Sumeragi in Final Fantasy 14
Image Source: Square Enix via RyuukaSumeragi

The devil is in the details, and this crimson Free Company house by X user RyuukaSumeragi is full of neat little touches. The house’s low lighting is pierced with the flickering flames of candles, bright neon light sources, and the fiery horns of the Blazing Inferno Wall Lamp. It’s a sinister, moody look that’s perfectly suited for a Free Company Halloween bash.

Moving further through the house players will find a bar area with drinks ready to be served by Ananta hosts. Portraits lining the walls feel a bit like those in an amusement park haunted house and a coffin lies open in the middle of the main room.

The shadows cast by shining spotlights on the gargoyles are a terrific touch (is anybody else getting big Diablo vibes from this house?) and a seriously impressive showcase of what can be accomplished with Final Fantasy 14s housing tools.

With any luck more players will be able to get to grips with this aspect of the game as more housing districts are opened up. With new spooky decorations being added with each year’s All Saints’ Wake event, players are sure to be creating amazing haunted houses in Final Fantasy 14 for many years to come.

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